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Do you know how to write your name in Japanese?

My name is Rino.

when I write my name in Japanese (HIRAGANA), it's りの
And 梨乃 is my name in 漢字(KANJI).

Well... there are shops that you can make cool stuff with your name in Asakusa.


These things are called 木札(KIFUDA) it means Wooden plate.

Just choose your type of size, color, and words you want to get on the wood plate and then a craftsman will make a lovely name plate.

And this is my one and only name plate!!!!!



I put my name and the name of city where I was born in above my name.

The reason why I put my city on it is that I attended a festival holding in my town once in four years.
So I hung it on my neck.

Couldn't find any good pictures I'm wearing it though lol, I'll show some pictures of festival!

unnamed (2).jpg


ANYWAY, if you are curious about making this name plate or even creating your name in KANJI, I'm really happy to help you!!!!

Please feel free to ask (^_-)-☆


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Konnichiwa こんにちは!
This is Shikamai from Sakura hotel Ikebukuro.
The spring is around the corner. I can't wait cherry blossoms blooming :)

Today let me introduce lovely guests who stayed at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro lately.


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Hi! This is Nanami.

Have you tried making "Japanese Plastic Food Sample" ?

You can find plastic food in the display windows at Japanese restaurants, perfect for showing off what the dishes actually look like.


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(Mt. FUJI pic by JMB)

Feburuary 23th is the day of Mt. FUJI!

Because we/Japanese reads 2.23 is "FUJISAN".
FUJISAN is "Mt. FUJI". (San is Mt. .)

Hello, this is JMB from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

Today I would like to guide you about Mt. JIMBA.

Mt. JIMBA is located on West-TOKYO.
You can hike to Mt. JIMBA from Mt. TAKAO that is famouse as 3-Michelin-starred.

It is very very nice hiking course.


(Top of Mt. JIMBA 857M)

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Hello everyone!
My name is Sebastian. I'm from Germany and I welcome you to my first blog in English!

I previously stayed in Japan for one year and during that time I had the chance to visit several unique places with my friends.

The first thing I want to write about are the Asakusa district and Tokyo Solamachi/Skytree located in Tokyo's Northeast.

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Hello! This is Rino from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

This time, I'd like to talk about one of the greatest Japanese sweets I have had recentry.

Well,,, I hung out with my friend in Shibuya area 1week ago.

And I went to MATTCHA ICE CREAM SHOP in Aoyama where I was really curious about.

The name of shop is ななや nanaya

It's also located in Asakusa.

They have Mattcha icecream, other kind of tea icecreams and normal flavors too.

unnamed (1).jpg

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Hi, everyone.
This is Hayato from Sakura Hotel.
Today, I am going to write about Japanese traditional event.
It is called 'Yabusame'.

There used to be Samurai in Japan.
They were very good at using arms such as arrows, sord and so on,
and now some people are still trying to keep this? skill.

What is the Yabusame?
Yabusame is that people shoot an arrow while ridding a running horse.
This is like entertainment.

Forthunately, you can watch this show in April at Asakusa, Kamakura or Nikko and more,
so if you have opportunity to come to Japan, you should watch this show!!
I highly recommend this show!!



Thank you so much for reading my post every time.
I hope my post will help.
See you next time.

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Japón es un paraíso de las bebidas y refrescos embotellados, la popular Fanta que está práticamente por todo el mundo en el archipiélago japonés es solo una bebida más entre una gran variedad de marcas y sabores.


Cuando en Japón dices "Fanta" a los japoneses les viene a la mente un refresco de sabor "Uva" de color morado y es que aquí la Fanta que más presencia tiene es la Fanta Grape.

Por ejemplo en los McDonalds si pides una fanta sólo tienen de Uva.

Los dos sabores standard son Uva y Naranja que son los que puedes encontrar siempre en cualquier supermercado.

No existe el sabor Limón como sabor habitual aunque muy de vez en cuando aparece de manera limitada.

Ahora mismo no sé como es la botella de Fanta en otros países pero aquí tiene este diseño característico que me gusta bastante.


Es habitual que el mercado en Japón las marcas más veteranas vayan lanzando sabores o especialidades por tiempo limitado.

La Fanta no es una excepción, práticamente puedes encontrar en el mercado siempre un sabor de "temporada". Dependiendo del sabor en ocasiones sólo está disponible unos pocos día y otras veces lo puedes ver en las estanterías de los comercios durantes semanas.

En la fotografía de arriba la fanta sabor LECHE, enriquecida con Calcio. La verdad es que estaba buena, pero digamos que era un sabor muy parecido al refresco Japonés por excelencia, el CALPIS que tiene un sabor como de Yogurt.

Para ver la entrada que escribí sobre el CALPIS pinchar aquí.

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How's it going??

This is Takumi from Sakura hotel Ikebukuro!!

Have you guys been to Okinawa which is located in southern part of Japan??

I actually have been there once!


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