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Hi ya!


You guys love sweets?

Even If you don't, you've tried some, haven't you?

I'm a sort of person sometimes eat sweets, not always.

But always glad to meet absolutely tasty one occasionally.

Agree? :)


So let me introduce one recommended sweet I happened to meet

and you can try in Japan,

called "CREMIA".


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Hi guys! How are you doing?!

Did you already take a look my last blog?

(Hopefully your answer is "Yes!" lol)

I would like to introduce Onomatopoeias again!

Today, we will find some Onomatopoeias that can be put before Taberu( To eat).

P1010593111 (1).jpg

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How's it going?

Today I'm gonna write about Osaka again

As I told you guys previous articles, Everything is cheap in Osaka

Accommodation is not exceptional!!

Close to Shinimamiya station,there are a lot of hotels which are very cheap

When I visited to Osaka,I decided to stay at one of those hotels:)


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Continuo poniendo fotografías sobre mi reciente visita a la ciudad de Kanazawa, un lugar fantástico donde además se come muy bien y al que espero volver algún día.


Los jardines de Kenrokuen son una visita abligada si vas a Kanazawa. Todos los jardines japoneses tradicionales que he visitado en Japón han sido preciosos y este no podía ser una excepción.


En la estación central una unidad Pepper hace de informador de las linea de tren Jr.

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Hi, everyone.

I am Hayato. Do you remember me?
Today, I am going to talk about Japanese chocolates!!

Have you ever eaten Japanese chocolates?
If not, you should eat them.
They are really scrumptious!!

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Posted by: Hayato (October 22, 2016 5:50 AM) | Permalink

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