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Hello, this is Sakura Hotel Ikebukro.

What have you been up lately?!

About myself, I went to Kagoshima on my summer vacation.

On the way to go Kagoshima from Narita Airport, Sky was so beautiful.

Look that picture as above. :+D

However..... :+O

On the way to come back to Narita from Kagoshima, the weather was so dangerous.

Thunderstorm was very very strong in Kagoshima Airport.

So that my flight was delay, delay and delay.

Then I have to sleep one night in Narita International Airport. :+O


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The other day on my way home I stopped by a sushi restaurant for my supper.


Usually sushi restaurants have cosy cool seats and tables so that customers relax themselves

and their purse strings at the same time.
But the sushi restaurant I went to did not have any seats or chairs.

It is a standing sushi restaurant.


In a way it has a resemblance to a standing shot bar.
You place an order across the counter and what you want is served in no time.
And also you can have a chat with not a bartender but a sushi chef in this case.
Like a cool regular guy at a bar, having a good small talk with a sushi chef from time

to time would make you a sophisticated mature customer.


Anyway, this kind of sushi restaurants are popular among especially company workers

who use them for a lunch or a quick meal after work.

As they are reasonably priced, you can buy a piece from 75yen and they look more authentic

than rotating sushi restaurants.



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Hi, everyone.
Nice to see you again, I am Hayato from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro!!
Today, I am writing about my life in Australia.
Before I work this hotel, I had lived in Australia for more than 1 year.

Have you been to Blue Mountain in Sydney, Australia?
The Blue Mountain is one of the famous spot in Australia.

blue mountain.jpg

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Hello guys~

How's it going??

When I was 22 years old I went to UK for study abroad.

I was negative thinking man(actually I'm still negative thinking man a so I wanted to change myself then at last I decided to go to there.

It was hard to decide it but when I arrived at there,you know just like that.

"Taking action" Sound like easy but it's very difficult and complicated that I now know.

DSC_0053 (1).jpg

Now I would like to share about my UK life photo!!

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