August 2016 Archive.

Hello there, this is Leo.

How's going ?

On Japanese calender, summer is coming to an end but still hot in here.


When you hear the word "summer," what occurs to your mind?

Pool? BBQ? Ice cream?

Well, as for me ?I would imagine some island when I hear the word "summer"

So I'm gonna write about "Niijima"

Please use it for your information!!!

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Hi ya!


At reception, we're frequently asked one question.

"Where's good Sushi bar nearby?"

Well, actually there're loads of Sushi bar in Ikebukuro area,

some are good, and the others are so so..

This time, let me introduce one Sushi bar in Ikebukuro,

where I almost recommend our guests to try.

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Typhoon coming tomorrow morning in Tokyo.
If you come to north east part of Japan, pleas be careful and see forecast!

By the way,
Have you seen our photo corner?
There are many guest photo who had stayed our hotel.

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Hello! this is Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

Today I would like to introduce to you Design Festa Mid-Summer & GAKUTEN 2016!!!!!

Our group company DESIGN FESTA holds this FESTA today and tomorrow:+)

If you are free and be around TOKYO, I can recommend you to see & go Tokyo Big SIte in ODAIBA!!!

You can meet so much Japanese local designers :+)

Now let's have look web sites of Design Festa Mid-Summer & GAKUTEN 2016! Here we go!

Please click pictures down below :)

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Hello everyone!

How are you doing?

Im gonna write about myselfe so check it out lol


Name: I'm Ryuhei, just call me Leo!

Hometown: I was born in Tokyo but I'm living in Kanagawa right now.

Hobbies: Surf, Drowing,Play Video games, Play the guitur and so on.

Country: I lived in UK about 1 year, Australia about 1 year and 3 months.


This is a picture that I went to London Olympic.

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How's it going?

This is Takumi from Sakura hotel Ikebukuro.

A couple days ago, I went to Hayama which is located between Zushi and Yokosuka with my childhood friend!


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Hello world!
This is Shikamai form Sakura hotel Ikebukruo Tokyo :-)

It is a tyhoon season right now in Japan.
One of the tyhoons hit 2 days ago. It was pouring rain.


It reminded me of days in Thailand.

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Hi, everyone. How are you doing?
This is Hayato from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. I am doing good!!
I am going to write about Japanese traditional festival.
Have you ever taken part in Japanese traditional festival?
This is me. haha

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