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Hoy voy a poner algunas fotos que hice en el pueblo costero de Wajima, justo en la costa Oeste de la isla central de Japón.

Uno de los motivos por los que fuí a visitar este luegar es que es el pueblo natal de Go Nagai, el creador de el Manga de Mazinger Z.


Wajima es conocido por su laca Japonesa, hay varios talleres que elaboran cajas, boles y palillos de madera lacados. Y su otro atractivo turístico es el Go Nagai Wonderland,un pequeño museo dedicado a la obra de este autor, guionista y dibujante. Desde la estación de tren sale un autobus decorado con nuestro robot favorito. Tambien hay algunos trenes decorados con Mazinger Z.


El museo llamado Go Wonderland está muy cerca de la estación, se puede llegar caminando en unos diez minutos tranquilamente. Se situa en una calle comercial donde casi todos los días por las mañanas de 8 a 12 se pone un mercadillo bastante popular.

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Hello. This is Nanami today:)

How's it going?
I'm always fine. I hope you do too.

Are you interested in Tokyo's Islands?

There are many amazing Islands in Tokyo!!
Tokyo has not only city but also Islands:)

I am going to introduce to you some of them!

↓ Here you are!

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Hello. This is Shun from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.
I went a public bath with Mr, Jimbo and Mr, Mukae, my colleagues and my soul mates.
It is said a pulic bath is one of social meeting place in Japan since long time ago .

I used to go to one with my friends when I was a student
taliking about trouble of our lives and seceret things.


This time, we did it in the public bath as well.
Are you curious about what we talked?

Of course, that is secret.
You could be open your mind and you could not only wash your body but also your mind there.


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How's it going?

This is Takumi from Sakura hotel Ikebukuro.

I actually moved to Tokyo recently.

and since I realized I had to get a TV, I went to Akihabara with my friends.

I even didn't know why we went there.

But my impresstion of Akihabara is an electic town!!

When we got in Yodobashi camere in Akihabara, we found the rare spot on the floor map by chance:}


Batting center!!


In order to play this game, you need to buy a ticket by this vending machine
the cheapest ticket is 1000 yen.
You can play batting for three times for 1000 yen.

Since our purpose was to buy a TV, we bought one ticket for 1000 yen.
We splited it.

Let's play!!


I really enjoyed to play it:

If you have a chance to go to Akihabara, enjoy batting:)

see you next time!!

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Hello world!!
This is staff Shikamai from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

This spring, the biggest bus terminal in Japan
called "BASUTA Shinjyuku" (Bus tarminal shinjyuku) was opened next to JR Shinjyuku Station.

I have heard that there is a good tourist information.

So I went to see that last week.
They wrere on the 3rd floor of BASUTA Shinjyuku.



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