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Hello world!
This is Shikamai from Sakura htotel Ikebukuro.
How's it going these days ?

My sisiter and my nephew i love are going to come to
our family house today for having a baby on next month.
He can handle me easily with his cute smile.
I'm creazy of the little boy 3 yeas old.

I bought this one for him.

It is ビスコ Bisuko.


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How's it going?

This is Takumi from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

Have you been to Greece?


Today, I'm gonna introduce one of islands in Greece.

The name of the island is 「Santorini island」

The island is located 8 hours by ferry from Athína


The ferry is very huge and comfortable.

After 8 hours voyage, you'll get to a port of the island


Since you cannot go to the central area by yourself,

you'd better take a bus which takes you guys to the central area without transfer


Contrast of this island's view reminds me this small town.


Chefchaouen in Morroco!!

Both of these town are very beautiful.

Once you have a long vacation, you should visit!!

See you!!!!

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Hoy voy a subir algunas de las fotos que hice el otro día cuando estuve dando una vuelta por Akihabara y Jimbocho.


Akihabara, también conocido como "Akiba" es actualmente la zona favorita por los turistas por delante de lugares tan míticos e imprescindibles como Shinjuku, Shibuya o Asakusa.

Antes era conocido como el barrio de la electrónica y aunque actualmente todavía hay multitud de tiendas de electricidad especializadas, las tiendas de Manga, cosplay, figuras, coleccionismo, maid cafés y videojuegos se llevan el protagonismo de este barrio.


La zona de Jimbocho es conocido sobre todo por las librerías de libros viejos donde se pueden encontrar autenticos tesoros. En la fotografía de arriba un grabado en un escaparate de Jimbocho.

No solo hay libros sino también podreis encontrar tiendas especializadas de grabados, en mapas, cafeterías antiguas, discos de vinillo y muchas más cosas.

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Hi, every one!!
I am Hayato from Sakura hotel Ikebukuro.
Today, I am gonna introduce about Kamakura area.

People go to Hase temple to see hydrangea in June in rainy season.
It takes 30 minutes on foot or 6 minutes by train which is called Enoshima dentetsu line and you can get free pass ticket for 600 hundred yen.
If you have that ticket, you can see around Kamakura area easily, so you should get that ticket.


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We, Sakura hotel and hostel, are often organizing various events for the guests.
They are sometimes events that are designed to let foregin guests learn Japanese culture, and
sometimes just for a fun.
Here are a few events we organized and enjoyed with our guests.

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Hi. Everybody!

How's it going?

This is Takumi from Sakura hotel Ikebukuro.

Have you been to Thailand?

Thailand is one of the best countries.

when I traveled to Thailand last year, I visited to Bangkog, Chenmai, and...

The small city is located close to Chenmai!

It takes about 6 hours from chanmai by bus.

Despite of small town, it is very attractive.

Like the town triggers my interest for going adventure.


image4 (2).jpeg

Since you can rent a motor bike in the town, you can look around the small town easily.

image5 (2).jpeg

What a big elephant!!!

image2 (2).jpeg

So many nature....

If you have an opportunity to vist to Chenmai, you should go there!

See you next time!!!

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Hello everyone!
What have you been up lately?!

Last night I saw very very beautiful full moon.
It was so nice. :+D
Every time when I see the moon, I talk to the moon.
Last night I felt the full moon talked me. Hahaha
I'm looking forward to seeing next month.

However Tokyo is rainy season.
Which we call 梅雨 "tsuyu".
We have rainy days about two more weeks.

People are coming to Tokyo they are disappoint with rainy days....

Hey hey hey! STOP!
Weather is NOT in your power!
Don't expect what weather it is!!! :+)


You try to look for some fun outdoors on rainy day.
Maybe it takes long time before you go out:+) Hahaaaaa~

It is waste time! :+D
You could find very easily another fun indoors. :D

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