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Do you like houses?

blog仔馬サラブレッド (504).jpg

Then, have you seen horse races? Are you interested in?

A once in a lifetime opportunity to see horse races at Fuchu's Tokyo Racecourse from the horse owners' seats!

After the races, "cool down" with "Keiba" Cocktails ("keiba" is Japanese for "horse racing") that are available only at Hotel Continental Fuchu!

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Hello, this is Tomo.

On my last blog, I wrote about a small, yet vibrant city on "Keio Line", Shimo-Takaido.

There are a lot more things I want to introduce about this city, street foods.

First of all, as I wrote on my last blog, I have to write about one famous family owned meat shop, "Meat Shop Hotta".

Everybody lives in, or comes to this town knows about this shop. Tons of Japanese television shows featured it.

A long line formed in front of the shop all day long to buy fresh meat, side dishes, or the most famous fried products.

They have fried chicken, different kinds of croquettes (You will love potato one, you can taste fresh potatoes inside the crispy bread crumbs, "Panko".), and breaded cutlets of pork, chicken and so on.

There is a lady who helped me tons of things so did the owner, his brother and the owners son in law.

They relocated their shop from inside the "Shimo-Takaido Market" to the other side of the main street in 2012, but nothing else has changed, same great people and produce.



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Hoy quiero recopilar algunas fotos más de las que tomé la ultima vez que estuve en Osaka, ciudad colorida y muy divertida.


La calle Dotombori no es solamente una calle con multitud de restaurantes y tiendas sino con sus bocacalles así como los alrededores forman parte de una gran zona de ocio, el altamente recomendable pasar por aquí, de visita obligada aunque solamente estes un día en Osaka.


La zona de Shin-sekai es la zona donde se encuentra la torre de Osaka bastante más achaparrada que la de Tokio pero que tiene un cierto encanto "retro".

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G'day mate!!
How have you been recently?
As for me, I just went to watch my first Sumo game at Ryougoku Kokugikan in Ryogoku.

What is your image of Sumo Wrestling?

Chubby guys are clushing each other?
Naked guy wearing funny looking jersey?

All guesses are correct.
However, actually Sumo is very sacread sport.
We Japanese admire Sumo wrestlwer.

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Hello, this is Tomo.

It has been already 20 days into 2015.

It had been really hard 2 years for me, and 2015 opened its door when I was working at "Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro".

While my friend Daichi was having hard time teaching me things about the cafe, "TEAM LA", visited.

I was told they might come after midnight, but I had never dreamt I could be with them for countdown.

2015 came when Daichi & I were taking their orders, so we could not really "count down", but it was really fun.

For both 2013 & 2014, I could not go through my life as I hoped, so it was really like "finally.." for me, then they showed up. (I can write a book or 2 about last 2 years..)
It almost made me cry, hahaha.

team la.jpg

We have spent so much time together, both good and not so good times.

We are now in different fields, yet can always share same closeness & comfortableness whenever we get together.

If you joined us for Karaoke, I guarantee you more than 100% of fun!!

As I spent time with them at cafe, I remembered how I was back in LA when I believed in me a lot more than now.

As I write this blog, I really want to play "SKIP-BO" with them.

Have fun!!

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Tokio es la ciudad del mundo con más restaurantes por habitante además de la ciudad con más restaurantes con estrellas Michelín y la verdad es que caminando por las calles de Tokio nos damos cuenta de que hay mucha variedad donde elegir. Al contrario de lo que pueda parecer a muchos los precios son bastante asequibles e incluso muy baratos y en general la calidad suele tener bastante nivel, añadiendo de que en Japón son unos maestros en el arte del servicio al cliente e ir a descubrir sitios donde comer algo en esta ciudad suele ser una aventura con final feliz.


Hay muchísimos restaurantes de hamburguesas de "gourmet" en Tokio, bastantes de ellos muy recomendables. Hoy quiero comentar sobre uno no especialmente conocido ni muy centrico, aunque de fácil acceso.


Se trata del "Juicy All Starz", un pequeño local situado cerca de la estación de Ooyama, en el distrito de Itabashi, al norte de Tokio, muy cerca de Ikebukuro.

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