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Que en Japón son muy aficionados a los robots es algo ya conocido por todos, todavía no es algo tan común ni se puede decir que están por todas partes pero dandote un simple paseo por Tokio puedes encontrarte con algunos de ellos.


Este de la fotografía de arriba estaba expuesto en una tienda junto con varios de sus hermanos, hablaba varios idiomas y la verdad es que era bastante parlanchín. Lo que más llamaba la atención era su agilidad, tenía gran facilidad para moverse y no dejaba de gesticular.


Este es Pepper, ultimamente es bastante popular porque aparece en unos anuncios comerciales de una compañía telefónica. Este también habla bastante y gesticula mucho, no tiene piernas y es un diseño bastante más alto. Si le hablan varias personas a la vez le cuesta bastante llevar la conversación, digamos que está diseñado para hablar solamente con una persona al mismo tiempo.

En una tienda de Omotesando hills en el centro de Tokio puedes verlos e interactuar con ellos.


Asimo, el famoso autómata de Honda, por todo lo que hace y la gracilidad de sus movimiento ya casi parece un niño disfrazado astronauta.

Todos los días hay varias demostraciones gratuitas de Asimo en el edificio de Honda, merece la pena pasarse a verle y saludarle en persona.

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Hi everyone!!
This is Daichi from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.
Today, I'm going to talk about Jpanese new trend.

That's Energy drink!!!
Have you tried Energy drink before?
I think most of you've tried at least once. Did you like it?

I don't drink it so often but recently bunch of energy drinks commercial broadcast on TV and these are tempting me so bad.
I don't know why many energy drinks come out in these days.
Because, many Japanese are getting tired?


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In all Japan there is many traditional festivals, all neighborhoods and cities have any festival.

There is many stalls and I always eat many Yakitoris,
Then for dessert a Choco-Banana i always welcome!
There is many fairgrounds, a classic is the Japanese Haunted House.
And the children buy mask of his favorite characters,
Japanese anime and Hero characters is very popular but Disney characters too.
Would you like to enjoy a Japanese traditional festival?

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Hi ya!

How do you spend christmas time??

Today, let me present you some lovely pics taken recently at Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro,

since stll been welcoming loads of new faces :D

Yeah, you know this is the collection vol.5 of one of the most polular post in our cafe blog,

"Today's doggy"

here we go!!

Mario, loves female dog like Italian??


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Hi, there.
It has been leaving this year very soon & how did you spend this year?
I think that everyone has been many things wishing something for next year.
When walking down the street, and then to see a lot of illumination.
This view is let Consider the variety of things every year, you might light to go toward the next year
photo 90.jpg

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Hello, this is Tomo.

This morning, as I tried to get out from my bed, I heard the most terrifying sound from my lower back..
I spent about 10 minutes to sit up and got a strained back..
Throughout today, I have been moving like C-3PO from "STAR WARS"..


How are you all today?

I started working at "Sakura Hotel" at the beginning of October, and have been under training at Ikebukuro, Asakusa, Hatagaya, and returned to Ikebukuro as of December 16th.

My really really first initial job here at the hotel was a model for the official "Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro" blog announcing the cafe event, "OKTOBERFEST".


I studied filmmaking at LACC (Los Angeles City College) & made some films and TV shows.

Along with filmmaking, I worked as a barista at several differnet cafes in Los Angeles, and also as a waiter at a Japanese restaurant, "FuRaiBo" in Los Angeles.

Oh, I also worked at one brach of "ONO HAWAIIAN BBQ" which is a Hawaiian restaurant chain mainly on the west coast. It was quite an experience since the restaurant was located inside a huge shopping mall, "Westfield Culver City" to be exact.

I returned to Japan after lived in LA for 14 years straight. My home country became a totally new country.. I'm a total stranger.

However, my colleagues here are actually a group of nice people!!
They have enough patience to teach a person like me, since I'm areally a slow-learner..

I STILL have the feeling that I can do something on my own and then suddenly I'm going back at 0 and feel totally dumb every single day.., but hey, life goes on..

Please to meet you, I believe I will be here for a while.

Have fun!!

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