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Hi guys!

Salut à tous!

So today, too, I will show you views and stuff that might seem weird to you.
Part France, part Japan.

Aujourd'hui encore je vais vous montrer différentes vues et choses assez rares, que vous soyez de France ou d'ailleurs.

This is still my hometown Lyon, and if you look well, you'll see this famous fast-food joint' sign is GREEN!
On commence avec le nouveau sigle de cette fameuse compagnie de fast-food. Eh oui, c'est vert, mais vous y êtes habitués !
写真 (7).JPG

We also have sushi bars in Lyon. We have MANY sushi bars, Japanese would be amazed for sure!
Nous avons aussi de nombreux restaurants de sushis à Lyon. Les Japonais en seraient sans doute amusés !
image (18).jpeg

Here we warp to Japan with where you can order many sushi with meat inside...And I like that! I was told by a friend who arrived in Japan about 12 years ago that Japanese eat more meat now than before. I also suppose serving meat is an efficient way to catch customers from abroad.
On se transporte au Japon pour découvrir les sushis à la viande! On m'a dit que les Japonais ne consomment de viande en grande quantité que depuis quelques années. Il semble aussi que ces sushis à la viande aident à se faire une clientèle d'étrangers.

This one looks like an octopus but it's just sausage on rice!
On dirait un poulpe, c'est une saucisse sur du riz !
image (15).jpeg
This one is beef ribs. It's expensive but the taste is great!
Il s'agit ici de boeuf et c'est délicieux!
image (16).jpeg

Last but not least, the Hamburg style steak with mayo and barbecue sauce. I strongly recommend this one!
Un steak à la hamburg à la sauce mayonnaise et barbecue. Je vous le recommande !
image (17).jpeg

see you next time!!
A plus!

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Hello everyone! Have you been to Portugal? It is beautiful countory which is in westside of Europe, next to Spain. Our Spanish staff Manuel went to there and took a lot of beautiful pictures, so I'd like to show you them!!

Olá amigos! Já conhece Portugal um país bonito? Pois nosso coléga Manuel da Espanha foi lá e tirou bastante fotos lindas, queria apresentá-las para todos!!


It's so nice having Porto wine at restaurante on the liverside.

É muito bom tomando vinho do Porto num restaurante ao rio.

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Hi, there.
The August also end very soon and It will become cooler towards the fall from the next month.
I have been remembered this time, the scarecrow was the purchase in a rice field in the past.
However, watching the scarecrow gone recently here.
Do you know what scarecrow is??
photo 55.jpg

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Una de las cosas que más me gustan de este país son los contrastes entre el Japón más tradicional y el más actual. Siendo que estos dos aspectos se entremezclan en muchas ocasiones.

One of the things I love about this country are the contrasts between traditional Japan and the most current and modern Japan. Being that these two aspects are intertwined on many occasions.


Los turistas suelen visitar los jardines japoneses y a los templos. Estos últimos se encuentran en muchas partes de qualquier ciudad o pueblo. Son lugares silenciosos donde poder pasear y relajarse.
The most tourists enjoy the visit to the Japanese gardens and temples. You can found it in many parts of the city or towns. Always quiet places where you can walk and relax.

Y otras de las cosas que más curioso les parece a los turistas que visitan Japón son las salas de máquinas recreativas y video-juegos. Entre todas estas máquinas destaca la llamada "Taiko no Tatsujin", un popular videojuego musical creado en el año 2001 pero que cada año se actualiza con una nueva versión con más temas musicales, ambientes y otras mejoras.

And some of the things that seems too amazing to the tourists who visit Japan are the game center and video game machines. Among all these machines one of the most popular is the "Taiko no Tatsujin", a popular music video game created in 2001 but every year is updated with a new version with more musical theme, mood and other improvements.

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If you grew up in Japan or lived in japan for a long time, Cheap sweet shop might be familiar for you.
There are no child grow up without cheap sweet in Japan. may be in your country too.
When we were child, we could have only little pocket money.
However, buying cheap sweet by little pocket money after school was one of?our favorite things!! Right?:P

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Right now, big problems around the middle east have large media coverage.
I am sorry to say this, but it seems the world is a complicated place and full of conflicts and rivrlies between countries.

People from all over the world stay at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

I myself have a direct experience of that, so to speak.
When I was trying to leave India and enter Pakistan by land, an Indian officer at the immigration mumbled something
examinning Pakistani visa in my passport.

And disdainfully but lightly he hit the Pakistani visa page with his ballpointpen.

After reaching Pakistan side, an officer found a little ink over the Pakistani visa and asked why.
I explained what happened at the Indian immigration. Then, he said loudly "Over writing ! you can't enter Pakistan with this visa !"

I had no choice but to go back to Indian side. But unbelievably the Indian officer said "You already left Indea.You can't enter again without new visa".
l was left alone on the unpaved 100m- path connecting the two rival countries with only low trees on both side, which means I was in the middle of nowhere literally.

I was at a loss totally and a frantic Q&A session started inside me.
It was like, kind of, almost as follows.

"What should I do? What should I do? Oh, oh, Should I call my mom?"

"No. No. That's not it. That's not it. Because my mom can't speak a word of English."

"Oh, that's right, that's right. OK, how about this, how about calling the United Nations?
Because, you know, whenever an internatinal conflict occurs, always the UN intervienes, right?"

"Right, right. But wait, wait, I don't know their phone number."

"Oh, that's right. I didn't check it before this jorney. What can I do? What can I do? Oh, I know.
How about calling Japanese embassy? Japanese government is always reliable and their phone number is
in the guide book ! This must be it. This must be it."

"Yes! Yes! Oh, but wait. Oh god, there is no phone around here!"

Please note this was before the mobile phone was widely used.

Anyway in the end, the officer from Pakistan side showed mercy to me and let me get through the immigration.
That was about a couple of hours later.


Sakura cafe Ikebukuro offers peacefull time with good coffee, tea, beer and all that.


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Hi guys!

I was in France for a few days this month, so I'd like to show you some views of my country, especially my hometown, Lyon !
J'étais en France ce mois-ci pour quelques jours, aussi aimerais-je vous montrer quelques aspects de ma ville, Lyon!

First, this huge fountain, called Fountain of the Place des Jacobins . Splendid, isn't it?
Voici tout d'abord une grosse fontaine appellée Fontaine de la Place des Jacobins. Magnifique, non ?
image (9).jpeg
Next, this view of le Pont Gallieni with the Basilica of Fourviere in the rear.
Et puis cette vue du Pont Gallieni avec la basilique de Fourvière en fond.
image (12).jpeg

This is a typical street in Lyon. It's situated in the large Renaissance district and is praised by tourists.
C'est une ruelle typique de lyon, située dans le Vieux Lyon.
image (13).jpeg

And this the Café des négociants, an old café which is also one of the symbols of Lyon.
Voici également le Café des négociants, un vieux café et aussi l'un des symboles de Lyon.
image (10).jpeg

Just a random grandma and people XD
Une grand-mère et des gens.
image (11).jpeg

Is this Akiba? Nope, just a game shop which sells Japanese games!
Non, c'est pas Akiba, juste une boutique qui vend aussi des Jeux video japonais.
写真 (6).JPG

That's all for today!
See you guys!

Voilà pour aujourd'hui!
A plus tard!

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Hey guys!!

What are your plans for this weekend?

Today I want to announce you guys that....


29th(Fri) 30th(Sat) 31st(Sun) of August.

We'll hold an event at Sakura cafe Ikebukuro!


31st of August is vegetable's day in Japan since

831 can pronounces "yasai" and it's a same pronunciation as "Vegetable" in Japanese.

So we planed to hold an event about vegetable named

"Vegetable's day"

Relished perk 1

Order "Pure Organic Vegetable Sticks from TOHOKUBOKUJO"

then you can get double in volume for free!

東北牧場 ほんもの有機野菜スティック

Relished perk 2

Buy world beer more than 2 bottles at the same time then

you can get

"mini-Assorted Japanese Pickles from TOHOKUBOKUJO" for free!

東北牧場 和風ピクルス盛り合わせ

On the other hand,you can order

special dishes at a low price,which is available just on those 3 days!



Those wonderful dishes for just 1 coin(500yen)!!!

Don't miss this superb opportunity!!!

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Hello there!!
Welcome to Sakura Hotels & Sakura Backpackers Hostel in Tokyo,
Japan At Sakura Hotel & Sakura Backpackers Hostel,
we have travelers from over 100 different countries arriving each year!

8_22 (1).jpg

For today, we have the guest from 32 coutries at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro ! ! ! !
What the international hotel are we!?
Our cafe is very international as well. And the reason is....

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