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One of the most visited places in Tokyo is Asakusa.
Since the area was developed thanks to the large old buddhism temple called Sensouji,
It still has a lingering atomosphere of Edo era, which is the last Samurai era.


Because of that big lantern hanging in the middle, Kaminarimon is the very famous landmark in Japan.
It is ofeten used as a cover picture of many guidebooks and leaflets for sightseeing in Japan.
The current lantern was donated in 1960 by Matsushita Electoric Co, now named Panasonic.


As you can see in the aboove picture, on the both sides of the long path to the main temple building,
there are many small shops. They are souvenir shops, confectioneries, handicraft shops and so on.
Justlooking around the shops is lots of fun and gets you into festive mood


The smoke from the burning insences in front of the main building is belived
to be good for your health and make you wiser.
It is like a superstition.



This is the main buildung of the temple.
People throw in coins, get their palms together and make wishes.
By the way, the meaning of getting your palmas together is devoting yorself to the Buddha.
Right hand represents the Buddha and left hand represents you.


Outside of the temple, you can take a jinrikisha or rickshaw.
Even though it is just a tourist attraction, Asakusa is one of few places in Japan
where you can still ride on this ancient vehicle.
By the way, English name rickshaw derived from Japanese name Jinrikisha.

Anyway please visit Asakusa and feel a piece of old Japan.

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Hello world!!!
As you know we serve many customer from all over the world.
One of our friendly customer from Netherland
He made a AMAZING VIDEO. ***You can see as a Netherland's flag?from this way...
It's him.
Mr,Gianni Tahitu from Netherland.

We already introduced him on our Japanese blog.

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Hi guys !
Salut à tous !

Today I'll talk about interesting places in Osaka and its surroundings!
Aujourd'hui, je vais vous parler d'Osaka et de ses environs!

First, there is that place you really should visit when in Osaka, Osaka Castle (Osaka Jo). I used to live near the castle, also a good spot for jogging (I know you like sports).
So this is the castle at night.

Il existe un endroit très intéressant et que je vous recommande de visiter si l'occasion se présente, le Chateau d'Osaka (Osaka jo). Je vivais autrefois près de ce château, un bel endroit pour le jogging entre autres.

And there is an event called Choshin sai (Day of the lanterns) when, at night, the lawn is covered with a myriad of traditional lanterns!
Il existe une fête appellee Choshin sai ( fête des lanternes) durant laquelle la pelouse et les environs du château d'Osaka sont recouverts de lanternes !


And also, I suggest you visit Ikea in Osaka, also famous for its bar where you can get soft drinks and hot dogs!
I have visited it three years ago with Japanese friends.

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En Japón están por todas partes, y en los últimos años se han extendido por multitud de países, quizá las habrás visto en tu ciudad también.

In Japan they are everywhere, and in recent years they have spread many countries, maybe you have seen in your city too.

image (16).jpg

El funcionamiento es muy sencillo, metes unas monedas, (generalmente 100, 200 o 300 yenes dependiendo de la colección), giras un resorte (hace el sonido de "gacha" cuando lo giras) y entonces cae una bola (hace, Pon!) con un juguetillo en su interior. En Japón hay multitud de colecciones que se van renovando constantemente, ofreciendo colecciones de todo tipo de personajes y cosas curiosas.

The operation is very simple, you put a few coins (usually 100, 200 or 300 yen depending on the collection), tours a spring (makes the sound of "gacha" when it tours) and then drops a ball (sounds, Pon!) with a little toy inside. In Japan there are many collections that is constantly renewed, offering collections of all kinds of characters and curious things.


Una de las colecciones que más me ha llamado la atención ultimamente es esta de gatitos vomitando....

One of the collections that most caught my attention lately is this vomiting kittens ....

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Hi guys! How's it going?
Yeah, I know it's damn hot and you wouldn't leave your hotel room if it wasn't for all the sightseeing spots there are in Tokyo.

Salut! Comment allez-vous?
Je sais, il fait terriblement chaud et tout ce que la plupart d'entre vous désire c'est rester dans leur chambre. Non, car je vais vous donner l'envie d'aller visiter Harajuku!

Today, I give you Harajuku!

When you think of one of the best spots to visit, Harajuku may be the best choice. I mean, you just have to walk a little to get to the Mecca of Fashion (Harajuku in a whole, specifically Takeshita Dori), one of the most renowned shinto shrines ( Meiji Jingu), a big park from where men and women entering friends walk away a couple ( And don't harass me if it didn't work for you, I was just well-inspired making this one up ah ah) (Yoyogi Koen).
So yes, this is a fun place.

C'est une gare tout ce qu'il y a de plus intéressante dans le sens où il est possible de se rendre dans un des plus fameux sanctuaires shinto du Japon ( Meiji Jingu),de se promener dans le très grand Yoyogi Koen, de voire la mecque de la mode, Takeshita Dori).

You leave from this old-fashioned station
Donc on sort par cette gare.

and walk inside Takeshita dori, where you'll feel overwhelmed at first.
I bougt a watch there but it broke after one week...So don't be touchy on quality, things sold there may be cheap but it's still fun as a japanese experience.

Et voici Takeshita Dori,ou j'ai acheté une montre pas chère mais qui s'est tout de suite cassée. Il ne faut pas être regardant sur la qualité mais je vous conseille de profiter du fun que représente une telle expérience.
Also, I suggest you visit Omote-sando, the Champs-Elysees of Japan. I agree it's a large avenue with many high-standard shops but it's not long enough ah ah. Still one of the spots you shoudn't miss.
Je vous suggère enfin Omote sando, les Champs-Elysées du Japon. C'est luxueux mais pas assez long pour mériter l'appelation....
Oh and to finish, this figure i found inside a showcase in a Shop. That quality!!!
Et pour finir, regardez-moi cette qualité! J'ai trouvé ça dans un magasin à Harajuku!
写真 (3).JPG

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We have shared kitchens at 6th and 7th floors at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

There, you can use a cooking stove, a refrigirator, a microwave, and other kictchen appliances and utensils.



Since Tokyo is not the cheapest place to travel, I guess it is very convenient and helpfull for long travellers.

And also you can cook your home country dishes for yorself in case you miss your ethnic food.

The shared kitchen is also functioning like a salon where guests meet up and get to know each other.


Even though you already have dinner at a resutaurant, It is a good idea to pop in there and
have a cup of coffee during dinner time so that you can make friends !

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Hello everyone!! This is Akina:)
Today, I would like to tell you a big and hot news about our new grand menu!
Have you tried the "Paricezinha"?? It's original from Portugal, and our Sakura chef aranged to Sakura style!!
It has a big humbergar inside and creamy sauce and melty cheese on the top!!!
Hummmm.....it must be delicious!!!!!!!!!


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Hey guys--!!!

How are you doing?

These days it's getting hotter in Tokyo and I'm kind of suffering from the summer heat thesedays.
Because of that heat, I'm short of physical strength too.OMG--- Am I enough old to be like this?? haha..

Anyway, what do you think the most suitable food or dessert in this hot season?

Yes, it's SHAVED ICE with few exception.

Yeah, we, Sakura cafe Ikebukuro started selling shaved ice in the world.

shaved ice1.bmp

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