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Looking for a good Japanese noodle(soba) restaurant?

There is one in Ginza and in Hihonbashiin Japan.

It's called Yomoda-soba, which is one of our Sakura group.

They really have many kinds of interesting soba menus we want you to try.

For example, tomato soba, cheese soba, and fish and chips soda, etc.

It looks like it's weird, but taste is really good.

Of course they have normal soba menus.

Like this....

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What's up?
Salut, ça va?

Do you know that some foreigners here eat Tofu with jam?
Strawberry jam, hence the color! Nice! What about the taste, you ask?
Come on, it's just...It's ok! Try it yourself. Note that I am NOT the person who should be held responsible for this experiment.
Saviez-vous que certains étranges étrangers mangeait du tofu à la confiture de fraises? Urk...? Eh bien c'est pas si mauvais que ça semble à première vue!
Je précise que je ne saurais être tenu responsable de ce blasphème qui rappelle les pire expérimentations du passé. On s'éloigne du texte original...

写真 (16).jpg

More traditional, this is what I've eaten with our Chef Yamada in a fine nomiya located in Kichijoji.
This is how it looks like, very fishing boat-like!
Ensuite, une virée dans une nomiya avec le chef Yamada à Kichijoji.
Ca ressemble à une sorte de bâteau de pêche, on sent presque la marée!

image bateau.jpg

Needless to say, we drank some good Nihonshu!
Bien sûr, on s'est envoyé du bon Nihonsu!
image ぴなrd.jpg

Look at how yummy this looks like! It's called Geso, a part of the octopus boiled and served with it sauce. Trust me, it's a savor you don't know till you're in Japan.
Ca a l'air bon, hein? C'est du Geso, une partie peu amène du poulpe et ça a un goût prononcé! Un truc à goûter quand vous êtes au Japon!
image でぎ.jpg

That's all for today!
Ca sera tout! Rompez!

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Olá amigos? Como vai vocês???
Agora Japão está calor! porque o verão está chegando.
Quando eu estava no Brasil, morava em curitiba no Paraná, o verão de lá estava muito bom! Não está muito calor e sem umidade, mas o no Japão especialmente em Tóquio é horrivel!
Quase todo mundo estão morrendo de calor.....kkk Para matar o calor vamso comer doce de verão, jelo ralado com frutas!!

Hi, there! This is Akina.
Now it's very hot and sticky weather in Japan.....because summer has coming soon!
I love summer but many people will be suffer from the temperture. Japanese summer, especially in Tokyo, is terrible....
To survive in the hot weather let's eat this, shaved ice with fruit!!


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Hi Guys!

Ok, first tell us what Bura Bura means!!
Vous vous demandez ce que Bura Bura signifie?

It' means giving a little stroll, a walk without specific aim.
It sums up well my only activity when I m not working, playing fighting games or doing other stuff.
Tout simplement se balader sans but précis.
Ca résumé assez bien ce que je fais quand je n'ai pas de travail ni de jeu de combat pour m'occuper!

So, I've been to Shinsaibashi the other day and look what I've found!
Je fus donc l'autre jour à Shinsaibashi et regardez ce que j'y ai trouvé!
写真 (14).JPG

Near the Marui Department store...or should I say on the right...
Vers le Department store Marui..Ou plutôt à sa droite par rapport à la photo...

Yeah, there is this office you tourists need when you overdo shopping, don't you?
Il y a cet endroit bien commode pour le touriste qui a abusé de shopping, n'est-ce-pas?
image (32).jpeg
You now know there is Western Union office on the wide square before JR Shinbashi station!
Vous savez mainteant qu'il y a un bureau Western Union sur la grande place devant la gare de Shinsaibashi!

Next, what's that, you ask?
image (30).jpeg
You should know it. This is the long alley in the basement of Echika you take when heading for the C6 exit, the closest to our hotel! Yes, guys, look this one up using the link here!
You're just not used to this air of forsaken place, BUT have a walk really early in the morning and you too will enjoy a bit of desert in Ikebukuro!
Et ça, c'est quoi?
Vous devriez reconnaître cette longue allée qui passe sous Echika lorsque vous vous dirigez vers la sortie C6, la plus proche de notre hôtel! On se croirait dans un labyrinthe de donjon-rpg avec des monstres prêts à...mais je m'égare.

See you next time!

A plus tard!

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Have you ever been to Japan?
If YES, where have you been? Tokyo or maybe Kyoto, Osaka?

Look at this picture!!


There were fully bloomed Shiba-Zakura(moss phlox) at the beginning of June.
I recommend you to go this place, especially now in early Summer!!

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Olá amigos!! Tudo bom?
Akina vai falar sobre nossos lançamentos novos de Sakura Café Ikebukuro desde junho :)
Olha! Que várias comidas nós temos!


Sabia que maioria dos pratos de nosso café mudaram neste junho?
Já tinha avisado pouco a pouco no Facebook ou Twitter, mas hoje vou apresentá-los com as fotos bonitas!

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