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Hi, there.
I would like to introduse about cute & smallest monkey.
When I went to Philippines in my holiday 2 weeks ago & visited to Bohol island.
There are variety of unusual & discovery.
Some of the animals are famous & makes us surprised.

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Hello guys!!

How have you been these days?

Today we got some magazines, 'TimeOut Tokyo' written in English about Tokyo tourist information.

I found it's quite interesting, so would like to introduce how this is like to help your traveling around Tokyo?.

The girl on the top page is a famous artist, so we need to hide her face,,huh?


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Aprovechando la visita a los baños termales en la prefectura de Gunma disfrute tambien de un menu de fideos Soba.

On my visit to the hot springs in Gunma prefecture also enjoy a menu of Soba noodles.


Estos fideos estan elaborados de Alforfon y son bastante populares entre los japoneses.

These noodles are made from buckwheat and are quite popular among the Japanese people.


A pesar de ser un sitio muy turistico el restaurante de Soba tenia unos precios bastante economicos. Ademas el ambiente era agradable y muy acogedor.

Is a tourist site this Soba restaurant but had some pretty cheap prices. Also the atmosphere was friendly and very warm.

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Este pasada semana fuí a unos baños termales que se encuentran en las montañas en la prefectura de Gunma, en la región de Kanto, algo más al norte que Tokyo.

This past week I went to a hot springs in the mountains in Gunma prefecture in the Kanto region, further north than Tokyo.


En este lugar hay mucho Ryokan o posadas típicas japonesas, todas ellas cuentan con sus baños termales, muchos de los cuales se encuentran al aire libre.

Here there is many typical Ryokan or Japanese inns, all of them with its thermal baths, many of which are outdoors.


La zona tiene mucho encanto ya que muchos de los edificios son antiguos y se puede apreciar la atmosfera de épocas pasadas.

The area has lots of charm and many of the buildings are old and you can appreciate the atmosphere of a bygone era.

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Hi ya!

As I posted twice, hope you remember,

though our staff Manuel reported in this blog, too xD

World's first Kit Kat store opened at Ikebukuro in January and I visited some times

but the limited ones are sold out at first

and the store was still packed by a long queue at second time.

So I RE-RE-REvisited there to get some, cause I hadn't yet.

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Hi, There.
I had a late winter holiday last week & enjoyed in Philippines.
I was staying for 5 days & spent on the beach most of time.
It was first time for me to visit to Philippines taht I discoverd many things & culture there.
The food.
When I order some food in a restaurant, they ask about the rice.
「Plane rice」 or 「Garlic rice」
Oh, I want to have Garlic rice!!

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