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To those about to rock, this is Jonathan at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro to help blog your day away.

If you've ever stayed at our hotel, you know that until recently the guest room doors were opened with keys. Well, we did a little construction over the past few weeks, and have installed key card locks in every door. No more big, clunky keys!


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Shine on you crazy diamonds. This is Jonathan at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

One of the most popular attractions in all of Ikebukuro happens to be only minutes away from our hotel. I'm referring of course to the shopping and amusement wonderland known as Sunshine City. Regrettably, I myself have only been there to attend to business, and have not yet sampled the various fun things that there are to do there, but it looked fun when I was walking through it, and when the stars align I'm definitely planning on giving it a good thorough look. To a curious traveller I would simply offer that from everything I've heard, it is a great option on a rainy day, and at worst is a fun little window into Japanese consumer culture.

Sunshine City and Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro are separated only by Ikebukuro Station. However, Ikebukuro (as well as the Station) can be a rather confusing place to the uninitiated. How exactly do you get to Sunshine City? In today's blog, Kitty-chan and I will show you the way!


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Hello, This is Manuel at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro,

This last weekend went go to see Robots again, current robots and old robots...

Hola! Hoy me toca a mí (Manuel) escribir en el blog del Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro

Este pasado fin de semana estuve viendo algunos modelos de Robots actuales y otros robots bastante más antiguos.


Tengo muy cerca de casa un museo de Ciencia y Tecnología y había una exposición sobre Robots, eran robots que ya había visto en otras ocasiones por Tokyo, pero debido a mi afición además de que la entrada era gratuita pues me pasé a dar un vistazo.

At a small science museum close to home, had an exhibition with robots, then I said, we'll see!


Karakuri (からくり) is a kind of automaton or mechanized puppet made of wood, which had its peak in Japan in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The most popular is a tea-serving robot, which starts moving forward when a cup of tea is placed on the plate in its hands.

Había expuestos unas reproducciones de Autómatas "Karakuri" (からくり), los primeros robots Japoneses que tuvieron su auge en los siglos XVIII y XIX. El más común era un robot que servía el té, comenzaba a moverse cuando se le colocaba una taza en la bandeja, entonces se daban la vuelta y llevaba a cierta distancia la taza, cuando la taza era retirada de la bandeja, hacían una reverencia con la cabeza y volvían al punto de origen.


Of particular importance due to its complexity and have influence or Noh, Kabuki and Bunraku theatre.

Estaban realizados con unos mecanismos muy complicados para la época, estos autómatas tenían influencias en el teatro Noh, en el Kabuki y en el teatro de marionetas tradicional Bunraku, en algunas ocasiones fueron usados para algunas de estas rerpresentaciones.

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Hi everyone! How are you? Manuel speaking.

Yesterday I went to a thermal bath, know in Japan like "Onsen"(温泉).

¡Hola! ¿Como estais?

Ayer justamente fuí a unos baños termales, conocidos en Japón como "Onsen" (温泉)

Palabra compuesta por "泉" Agua de manantial y "温" caliente (en sentido agradable).


These thermal bath is with traditional style, were very close to Ikebukuro and also very cheap, the entrance is only 800 yen.

Estos baños eran de estilo tradicional, muy cerca de Ikebukuro y además muy baratos, la entrada valía solamente 800 yenes.


Shall we go?

¿Vamos a dentro?

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Hello world. This is Jonathan at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

If you've looked around the hotel and or cafe websites enough, I imagine it is not news to point out that we are open 24 hours a day. So what does that mean to you, be you a weary traveler to Tokyo stumbling off of an international flight in the waning hours of the day, or a resident of this cavernous metropolis? Well, if nothing else, rain or shine, hot or cold, there is a place to kick back and relax with a drink or light snack just on the corner of Party Town Japan (aka Ikebukuro's commercial district). I'll also note in passing that our wi-fi is free with any purchase. Here is the cafe around midnight.


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所以本飯店提供了一個超?優惠活動如下 :


注意事項 :

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Hola! ¿Que tal están?

Hace dos o tres semanas estaba paseando y me encontré con una tienda muy curiosa, vendian peces conservados (y otros seres marinos) tratados de manera que quedaban transparentes y las espinas y otras partes duras estaban teñidas pudiendo ver muy detalladamente toda su estructura.

Hi everyone! Hi Manuel! How are you?

The past week was go to walk and I was find a strange shop,

Is a shop of preserved fish, I think that is something like formaldehyde but the fish was become transparent and bones were stained...


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