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Now is the month of fasting for Muslims.

Yes, it is Ramadan (Islamic fasting month).

I tried to fast for one day when I was in Malaysia, but I drunk water a few times.
It's very tough thing..... I can't imagine how they can do for a month! They're very patient!

People are waiting for sunset as they can have the fast-breaking meal.

The meal is called IFTER in Arabic countries.

We had a IFTAR party last week at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

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In Tokyo there is a old town called Yanaka,
You can go there in the Yamanote line at the Nippori station,

Hay una barrio en Tokyo que se llama "Yanaka", es una parte antigua, con muchas tiendas tradicionales donde se respira el ambiente del viejo Tokyo.

There is a "Big Buda" near the cementery,

The Yanaka's cementery is atoo huge and very famous,?

There are some many years ago personalities buried at this cementery.

En el cementerio de Yanaka podras admirar una estauta gigantesca de Buda,

Este cementerio es muy popular debido a su extension y a que en el se encuentran enterradas algunas personalidades historicas.

Dispone de un amplio paseo central donde se puede pasear tranquilamente y en la epoca del florecimiento del Sakura es un sitio muy recomendado a visitar.


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Hi everyone! Yesterday was my off-day and went to Shinjuku for shopping! Yay!

Do you know that there are lots of department stores and fashion malls there? Though I live near from Tokyo, I don't know exactly how many malls there...

These are some famous ones. Isetan, Odakyu department store, Keio department store, Takashimaya, OIOI(Marui),Lumine 1, Lumine 2 and Lumine esto.

There are countless fashion stores, so you can reach from high end fashion items to Tokyo street fashion items!

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Hi everyone!
Today I would like to wrote about the Science and Innovation Museum at Odaiba island on Tokyo.
Hola, Como estan?
Hoy les voy a comentar sobre el Museo de la Ciencia y la Innovacion que se encuentra en la isla artificial de Odaiba.

Is a very nice option for a free day,

you can see lots of robotics, of course, there is too the Honda's Asimo,

Another interesting point at the Museum is the Space exploration area.

Una muy buena opcion para pasar una manana o una tarde tranquilamente,

Estan expuestos muchos tipos de robots, entre ellos el popular Asimo de Honda que hace varias actuaciones diarias.

Otras partes del Museo estan dedicadas a la medicina o a la exploracion espacial.


A picture of the hall of the museum.

Una fotografia del hall de la entrada.

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Have you ever been to Chiese town close to Yokohama?

It's about 7minites from Yokohama station by train, and we call it CHU-KA-GAI.

As the name of it, we can feel Chinese Atomospher!!

Shop staffs there are almost chinese people, and we can hear chinese language everyehre in Chinese town.


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