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Recently every few days our resident Pastry Chef feels that it`s nicer to provide homemade sweets for everyone to try and I think that`s a good idea too which is why I have joined in too!

But first I`ll introduce some of the newer cakes that we`ve had this week before I show off my own!

First is one that we still currently have which is an Apple Tarte. Following on from a french recipe our chefs made a new one with a slightly richer apple cream!

Looks delicious doesn`t it! 


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Last Friday we had event for runners!
We had so much fun !!
We run around the imperial palace first,then had a party with delicious foods
and great beers!


Beautiful night view of TOKYO!


Look their face! Best smile ever!


THEN! The party was like this!

Beer with・・・


Salad from Israel


Mackerel-sandwiches from Turkey.
You can eat so many foods from all over the world in a one time!

Are you hungry now?
Good news for you guys!
This event will be held on Feb again!!!
It will be really fun !!
When we decided the date we will inform you from our HP!
Please check it!

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Hello all, this is Yutaka.

As you may know, at lunch time in Japan, you can easily find "Bento" 

 (Lunch Box) here and there. And a variety of the Bento is surprisingly wide.


Also at home in Japan, mainly mothers very often make lunch boxes

to the kids or to the husband. Mothers make an all-out efforts to

decorate Bento, so that the kids become more interested in the and

have a good appetite.


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When I went for a drink with my friends, I suddenly could not stop my hiccups.
After finishing my last order, my glass was also empty and the waitress was not there.
What do you do at a time like this?
Then my friends gave me what stopped my hiccups.
It was a sugar stick.


Please try it if you are interested:)

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Hi, it's me Yujiro Abe.
I love to introduce JPN to foreigners.
Because my country has so lots of faces.


Do you know the movie "lost in translation"???

I like this movie.

You can find the real tokyo on this movie.

before visiting tokyo, please watch it!!


I show you some beautiful pics of Tokyo.

theyre like the impression of the movie?


contemporary aspects.







Maybe many guidebooks cannot express how beautiful tokyo is.

it might be fine for you to feel tokyo by yourself without the Lonly Planet.

0123 002.jpg



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As you may be aware all of the Sakura Hotels like to ask their guests for their most beloved or their countries most traditional dish and today we held another party where many people came to make many different types of food!

And specially from Ikebukuro we had a French gentlemen who made for us a traditional Tarte aux Pommes! (Or simply an apple tart) ^^


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Have you ever been to Nagoya??
I'm from Aichi prefecture, but I dislike Nagota.
Because people from Nagoya usually insist Nagoya as No.1 in JPN.haha
This pic is Nagoya Station.
Not so cool, isn't it??
Sorry for but mouthing Nagoya.
















And...anyway do you know this place near by Nagoya.

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