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Hello, all.

Finally, the last day of the 2012 has come.
Tommorow is the start of new year!!

By the way, do you know "Hatsuyume" in Japanese?
It refers to the dream that occurs on the first night of
the year.

And to Japanese people, "Hatsuyume" is very meaningful,
since it is the way we Japanese judge our fortunes for
the following year.

Traditionally, it is believed that the lackiest dreams are
about 3 items as follows.

No.3 is "Eggplant". It's pronunciation in Japanese is "Nasu"
which is same as that of "Succeed".

茄子三兄弟 #shoot1230茄子三兄弟 #shoot1230 / chidorian

Lucky item No2. is a "Hawk". The "Hawk" in Japanese is "Taka"
which is same as "High". You might reach at higher goal by
having this dream. Hawk is also the symbol of grabbing the
good fortune, too.

Oriental Honey-buzzard (Pernis ptilorhynchus)Oriental Honey-buzzard (Pernis ptilorhynchus) / Lip Kee

Then, luckiest dream is ...yes, it is "Mt. Fuji".
The highest and most beautiful mountain in this country!!

Mt. FujiMt. Fuji / palindrome6996

To get the new year night in good condition, we will have
a perfect event on January 1st at Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro.
Why don't you join and start the new year with the
good fortune!!

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Hello! This is Kent from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro!

Following up on my last blog about staying warm this winter in Japan, I wanted to do give you a few more tips on how to stay warm!!!!

1. Heat Tech from Uni Qlo
Long underwear and top with incredible insulation technology, when you wear this it feels like you have fur on because no cold air hits your body.

2. Ear Muffs, Gloves, Scarves
In Australia it never gets so cold ( in Sydney ) that you need to put on a scarf or glove on during winter. I see these items here in Japan to be a basic necessity during winter.

3. Visit a Sentou
A public bath you can find in every suburb around Tokyo, don't be afraid to go naked and enjoy a hot hot bath with strangers!


4. Hot Drinks from Vending Machines
When purchasing a hot drink from the vending machine or conbini you can use them as hand warmers for several minutes before enjoying the beverage of choice.

5. Hot Tea
Like above drinking a cup of HOT HOT tea before going out in the cold is a very enjoyable and pleasurable thing I like to do in the winter time here, especially in the morning!

6. Hot water bottle
In Japanese the hot water bottle is called the Yutanpo basically a Japanese version of the electric blanket which has been used over many centuries in Japan. They have been used in disaster relief to keep survivors warm when they have no electricity or gas around the world.

I hope you like my tips on how to stay warm during the winter in Japan! Please keep warm or you might end up catching a cold!

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Hi, there. This is Masa from Sakura cafe Ikebukuro.
I'm writing to you about snow season coming in Japan.
In December, north of Japan has been a lot of snow since last 2 weeks
and skiing & snowbording season coming up at the moment.

One of my friend who is living in Hokkaido to sent to me snow photos.


The snow lies thick on the ground only 2 days & someone made ,,,

Snowman ( in Japanese Yukidaruma )
When the snow lies on the street, many people try to make snowman like this.
I hope to see the snow in Tokyo and try to make snowman.

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店名是QB House.



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After Christmas,it's a new year eve and new year's day!
that's a kind of the most important events for Japanese.

As I mentioned before,we go to shrine on the new year's day as Hatsumoude.

Hatsumoude is the first shrine visit of the New Year in Japan.


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I first would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and (in case I don`t have a chance to) and a Happy New Year!!!

We would also like the thank everyone who came to our Christmas party yesterday for making it such an amazing event! You all quite literally drank us out of house and hotel!


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It's getting close to the end of the year.
Do you have any plans?

Maybe japanese are the most busiest species in the world.


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Let us show you some our guest photos "I" took recently :)

Supporters of Corinthians, from Brazil.
Before going to the studium for the final of Club World Cup.
As you know, they would be absolutely happy in that evening:)


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