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But because I have a late break today I miss out on todays delicious food! I really wanted to eat Porc asu Sucre again ^^; not to mention that todays pasta is my favourite...



So instead I have gone to my favourite Japanese "Bentou" shop which I would like to introduce to you all :)

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I like looking at the stars in the sky.I like looking up the winter night sky,especially.
Because winter sky is clear, I can see clear stars in the sky.
I have seen a shooting star before. Have you ever seen it?


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There was a Big Matsuri(Japanese Festival) at my place, Kawaguchi Saitama.
It was on 21st on October...means kinda chilly( ≧Д≦)
But matsuri people can`t feel the cold perhaps.
They wore only HUNDOSHI!!(Japanese Underclothes)ヽ((◎д◎ ))ゝ
10.25 matsuri1.JPG

10.25 matsuri2.JPG

I,foreinger, felt little shy to stair at their outfit. (//・_・//)

They were shouting `wattshyoee, wattshyoee!!`shouldering Mikoshi and my kid took fright at the group.
So Energetic!!
10.25 matsuri3.jpeg

Next is......??
YES, HALLOWEEN PARTY at Tokyo Sakura hotel & Cafe Ikebukuro!! yeah~~~~~
Why don`t you join Halloween event??
halloween banner.gif

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Hello friends, this is Yutaka.
Sometimes our guests come to Hotel front and ask me "Where can I have delicious Ramen?".
So I would like to write about Japanese "Ramen" noodle, today.
It's originated as part of Chinese noodles, but in Japan, during
the Taisyo period(1912-1926), "Ramen"was uniquely developped
and spread widely throughout the nation. "Ramen"currently becomes
one of Japan's most popular dishes as well as "Curry and Rice".

As you may know, there are so many kinds of "Ramen" in Japan.
We normally categorized as follows according to the ingredients
in the soup.


Shoyu(Soy-sause based) Ramen
Classic & Orthodox Soy sause base soup. Can be widely arranged
from light taste to thick soy-saused based ramen featuring a pork
bone broth.

Shio(Salt Based) Ramen
Since salt has no specific color and flavor, easy to feel the flavor
of other ingredients

Miso Ramen
Sapporo is known as the home of "Miso Ramen" since 1954. You can
enjoy MIso's rich taste and flavor.

Tonkotsu(Pork bone broth based) Ramen
Born in Kurume City(Fukuoka). White soup colored by pork born
collagen is different from the rest.

Tonkotsu-Shoyu Ramen
   MIxture of Shoyu and Tonkotsu soup.

Gyokai-Kei(Seafood bouillon based) Ramen
Seafood such as dried bonito flakes used for making soup.

Noodles are separately served from soup and dipped in thick soup
before being eaten. Latest trandy Ramen.


This is very basic lineup of Japanese Ramen. But there are hundreds
of different tastes existing all over Japan. Therefore it must be fun to
find your own hideaway "Ramen" stores. You know, Ikebukuro where
Sakura Hotel & Cafe is located, is also regarded as the largest
concentrated district of ramen stores in Tokyo.
Good place to find your best "ramen".

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