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Hello and good evening^^
Here in Japan is at night on new year's eve.

We Japanese basically spend this day calmly and peacefully as written on the blog by one of our staff, Vanessa working at our sister hostel Asakusa.

We still seem to prefer to spend in traditional ways rather than enjoying countdown, though there're places hold a party to celebrate for new year.

So, what's going on in Ikebukuro now??

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 It's been pretty cold since X'mas weekend here in Tokyo,

and getting busy for the New Year!!

But when it's cold and sunny, you can see SOMETHING gorgeous even from Tokyo.

Guess what!?

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Hi everyone!

How are you doing in cold wearther?? Today's low is only 1 degrees Celsius in Tokyo!!
Until recently I was sooooooo freezing because I'm very sensitive to the cold.

Then I found something really good for me.....

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(⌒∇⌒)Merry Christmas★
Did you enjoy Christmas Eve?

We hold Christmas Party at Cafe on 23rd, and before the party,
there was one event in the kitchen in our hotel..


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Merry Christmas!!
Greetings from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

How do you spend your christmas?

We had big party last night. please enjoy the picture from below.

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We will organiz a great party for new year


we sincerely look forward to having you amoung us and sharing a wonderful time with you.

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Applications for next DESIGN FESTA VOL.35 on May12th&13th . Have now reached 90% :)))))

Lady gaga was went to Harajuku yesterday.
and It was really close our design festa gallery .
Maybe you have chance can see her in Harajuku next time.
She is very popular singer in the would.
Always can hear her song everywhere.

P.S *Do you know how to go to our gallery ?

Please follow me~ GO --------------------

If you get off a Harajuku Station.
Take maybe 9 miniutes walk from JR Harajuku station on Yamanote-line.
and after getting out from Takeshita exit of JR Harajuku station,
please keep walking straight down Takeshita street.

After crossing the Meiji Street intersection,
please turn left towards Harajuku street at the intersection in front of Murasaki-sports.
Please turn right once you see Yomiuri newspaper store on your left hand-side.
You are there once you see the red steel pipes!

And andress is
Gallery EAST/3-20-2, Jingumae,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Gallery WEST/3-20-18, Jingumae,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

and we have artist party about 'CAT'.
please join us :)))))))




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It is the final that most football fans expected, and indeed wanted, to see. Barcelona versus Santos!

soccer 007.jpg

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Did you know that one more week to Christmas!!??

Even when I hear somebody says "Christmas", it makes me so excited!!!
Hideki and I were playing radio channel Christmas Top 40 this morning :P 

Actually, there are many places that you can see BEAUTIFUL illumination in Tokyo :D
BUT it is only this time of the year!!



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