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Birthday Cake☆

Happy Birthday☆☆
画像 019.jpg
Their friend asked to prepare surprise cake for them.
We were talk over how we can do that....
Wondered where they going and what time they come back and.....


We hope you two had great time and memorable day :)

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Gurutto Pass

Do you know 'Grutto Pass'?
'Gurutto' means around and it's imitative word.

This pass including free entry tickets and discount tickets for 70 facilities, musiums and gallaries,
zoo, aquarium, botanical garden!
It cost 2,000 yen.

And now I found great deal ,2 tickets in 1day Metro pass and Grutto pass,
that is for 2,800yen total.
You can make tour 'gurutto' many facilities :)

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Safe trip!

This is the photo that was taken the day they going to Kyoto by bicycle :)

If we take bullet train, it just take 2.5H and if it's a bus, it takes about 8H....
I can't imagine how long it will be take to reach Kyoto by bicycle....

We just hope their safe trip and enjoyable Kyoto life!!

Guys! please drop a line when you read this weblog!

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Haneda Airport


Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) handles almost all domestic flights while Narita handles almost all international flights. However, in recent years, international service from Haneda has expanded and had some international flights such as flights to Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Actually, a new international terminal will open in Haneda Airport on October 21. Air Canada, Air France, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, Thai Airways International and Singapore Airlines are expected to go into service by the end of January, 2011.

Air Asia, Asia's largest LCC (Low-Cost Carrier), will operate three flights a week between Haneda Airport and Kuala Lumpur starting from December 9th. It was also announced that Air Asia will charge just 5,000 yen ($59) for a one-way flight between Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur. What a price!

Haneda Airport is close to the metropolitan area and you could take advantage of the convenience value.

For more details, please go to

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What is your summer memories?

Ah....I already miss summer....
We need shirt with long sleeves when we go outside now and thick blanket
when we get some sleep....

It was really hot summer though great summer for me...
Fireworks and beach and river and BBQ with friends.....great memories...
We still need 'child set' ? :p
What is your summer memories?

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Don't fight

Hum? are they fighting?
画像 023.jpg
Hey, get along with you two! haha :D

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Fukuro Matsuri =festival=

Fukuro Matsuri coming this year again!
Let's bear a "Mikoshi" (portable shrines) at this festival and this would be great experience for you!
Date: Sunday, 26th Sep
Time: 14:00 (Please get together at our front desk)
Fee: Free of charge this time!
(Included food, drink, an official matsuri headband & rental Matsuri costume”Happi”)
This is a photo that was taken last year, we can see Masa and Shotaro :)

Please ask for this detail at reception and....come and join in!!

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I went to see Grand Sumo September Tournament at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo.
That was my first experience with the view of a sumo match.

Tokyo Sky Tree that is under construction is hiding behind the Kokugikan.


As you know, sumo is Japan's national sport, but what surprised me most was that Kokugikan was filled with ‘international atmosphere’ … about half of the spectators are people from overseas and about half of the sumo wrestlers in top division are from foreign countries.

Information in English are helpful to tourists from abroad.


Yokozuna Hakuho won … 56-match winning streak.

If you are interested in sumo, please go to
Every year we have 6 Grand Sumo Tournaments.
January Grand Sumo Tournament : at Tokyo (Kokugikan)
March Grand Sumo Tournament : at Osaka (Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)
May Grand Sumo Tournament : at Tokyo (Kokugikan)
July Grand Sumo Tournament : at Nagoya (Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)
September Grand Sumo Tournament : at Tokyo (Kokugikan)
November Grand Sumo Tournament : at Fukuoka (Fukuoka Kokusai Center)

Sumo world has lost credibility from some scandals … who is going to boost sumo's popularity?

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Summer is over and I feel the cool fall breeze at dusk.
Sky at sunset makes me feel a little bit sentimental remembering summer memories.

Jingu Stadium, Tokyo

Hachioji, Tokyo

Tobu-Nerima Station, Tokyo

Now, I feel lonely in the stillness of twilight …

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