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Thank you Samurai Japan!

It was long match....Japan vs Paraguay, both teams seemed even....
Then, penalty kick.....we hoped.......
And we were cheering for Japan
But unlucky........Japan lost this game....
That was close.....but nice play!
They did great and we proud of them!
Japan team was 'samurai' really ;)
And congratulations for Paraguay.
Lead to next dream☆

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Gambare Japan!!


Today.....Japan vs Paraguay......!!
It must be tough game for Japan, but, we sending our enthusiasm to South Africa!!

'Gambare Nippon (Japan)'
GOOOOOOOOOOOO Samurai Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My second favorite England lost the game against Germany, 1-4. Unbelievable!

British Prime Minister and German chancellor watched the game together

ENG2.jpg ENG3.jpg
NO GOAL … It is obvious the ball did cross the goal line.
That was a serious error made by a referee. Unbelievable!
What if it was counted as a goal?

Happy faces of gentlemen from Germany
Mr. Henning and Mr. Hansen
Mr. Hoffmann

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Go Spain Go!

When Spain lost its first match against Switzerland,
my mind was covered with dark clouds.

Last night’s results of Group H … Spain 2-1 Chile / Switzerland 0-0 Honduras
Then, Spain and Chile advance to the final 16 and Switzerland and Honduras were eliminated.

‘No day so clear but has dark clouds’

I feel sorry for 2 girls, Paola and Anna who are from Switzerland.
☆Their comment on our hotel … clean hotel, receptionist friendly,
rooms a little bit small, but it’s good that we can use internet in the room.

NEXT … Spain vs. Portugal (3:30 a.m., Japan time, on June 30)
Ahh … My heart is already beating so fast.

Hong.jpg villa.jpg
Villa at café!?
Noooo ... Mr. Hong from Canada

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Umeshu -plum wine-

June is a season for making 'Umeshu' (plum wine) ;)
I make Umeshu in every June, it's easy if you can get ingredients like...

☆Ume (plum)

☆Koorizatou (crystal sugar)
☆Alcohole (over 35%)

And this is the recipe, how to make Umeshu, just try it ;)

I and friend of mine are making Umeshu and we have battle, titled
'Which one is taste good' !
I gonna win ;)
This is the one I made...

And how about having Umeshu in this rainy days at home with listening raindrops...
don't you think it's nice?

Here you go♪

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I've hesitated to keep stay up till morning and watching game, Japan against Denmark.
But I made right decision!!
It started 3:30am but there were many people watching this game here at Sakura Cafe.
Did anybody expect this result?! Japan won this game and score was 3-1!!
We all so excited and still...!!!
It was amazing game!!

I'm so impressed.....and.....now I have to work till night....well.... I struggle against sleepiness....
I don't know about this result :p

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Sorry … there was no TV broadcasting of the game, USA vs. Algeria
They had to watch the game with their own laptop somehow.

Still 0-0 … silence

second-half injury time … still nothing

US11.jpg Lac12.jpg
Then, SCORED!!!!!!!!!

U.S. lacrosse all-star team of university students got excited when US national soccer team made a dramatic winning goal in extra time in the second half. USA beat Algeria and advanced to the Round of 16.

Lacpos.jpg Lac6.jpg
The all-star team ‘USA Starz’ will play against the Japanese national team at International Lacrosse Friendship Games 2010 at Ooifuto Chuo Kaihin Park in Shinagawa, Tokyo on June 27. This coming Sunday!

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Stay up and....!!

We can't miss today's game!
Japan against Denmark today....!!

What a coincidence! we have guests from Denmark today and 35 people!!
And the game will start 3:30am (Japan time)...!!
This would be tough game for us too....haha....

Anyway, we are ready!!
And....we need more people to support Japan together!!

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Ian & Nicole … what a nice South African couple!

SAF2.jpg SAF3.jpg
‘CASTLE’ … Have you tried the South African beer?

SAF4.jpg SAF5.jpg
South Africa beat France … what’s going on with France?

SAF7.jpg SAF6.jpg
‘Invictus’… I was moved by the movie that describes friendship between former South African president Nelson Mandela and the captain of national rugby team

Charlize Theron … breathtakingly beautiful South African actress

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Gracias Rapha!

I do remember about Raphael and Cedric from Malaga♪
Now Raphael's friend, Alicia and Novarro, staying with us!
Then...they brought us Tea and lovely message from Rapha!!

Hola, Raphael!!
Thank you very very much for these presents :D
How nice of you.......!!

Amor de japon ;)

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