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Ready for Halloween?

Are you ready for Halloween?
Nishi is ready!


Since he doesn't have helloween costume, he is trying to bejack-o'-lantern.
He will work with this pumkin on all day on halloween. Don't miss to see it :P
(I am sure that he will have muscle pain on his face the next day)


☆Happy Halloween☆

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Yellow Rose

Today, we found yellow rose with lovely message in the guest room where they already check out.


Isn't it so lovely?
Can you see the message ''arigato'' ?
Thank you too.

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Be cool

Usually, Taglyn and Nishi work at night snappily.
However, when they work at daytime, they become excited.
Oneday, our guest left the baloon, and it will be their toy.


Look at their face. They are like little kids.

Hey guys, be cool.

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Have you try lunch at our cafe?

Oneday, Tomoe who is working at Sakura Hostel Asakusa, visited us. So we had lunch together.
Tomoe had cream pasta and I had mushroom and squid pasta.
It was so delicious!! They served it with soup, salada and coffee. I can't believe it is only 650yen.

Hey, Tomoe, you should hide the glass that you are holding. It is a secret!

Anyway, thanks for coming.
Let's go for drink sometimes ;)

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Gummy candies !!

Susann from Germany stayed with us for about 10days.
On their last day, they gave us gummy candys(L).
How sweet!


However, the gummy candies are gone in 3days...
I guess all of us love it.

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Happy Birthday Noriko.

It was Noriko's birthday.
Nishi got this lovely birthday cake for her.
How sweet(L)


Happy fabulous birthday, Noriko!
We hope you have brilliant year.

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Orange carpet and Fish Paradise

Hi, I am back from Oze national park last week.
It was my first time to visit Oze national park in autumn.
I was surprised how their autumn colored leaves are beautiful.
It was like an orange colored carpet!!



We enjoyed hiking at the orange carpet. Because we hiked more than 6hours(?!!), I had muscle pain with my leg on next day. This is how I don't walk in my daily life....


↑Boardwalk is a famous at Oza national park. Thought this boardwalk getting old, some of them are maintenaced every year. Good for hiking♪
In June, it will be marsh and we can see beautiful flower called "Mizubasho"水芭蕉 for all over.

At the night, we enjoyed the delicious meal. Especially, the fish called "Iwana" was great. I ate that fish with three different ways; sashimi (eat as low), salt broiled with charcoal fire, and kotsu sake.
Kotsu zake is unique sake. It is like hot sake with broiled fish. So we can taste like fish taste sake, and those two are match perfectly.

oze.jpg oze1.jpg
↑Iwana as a salt broiled fish. ↑kotsu-zake (fish sake). It was served with fish shaped sake bottle.

↑Can you see the fish into the fish?

**Access information.

Oze yakou (night train) from Asakusa station to Aizuko kougen oze guchi station. Change to Aizu bus;

From Ikebukuro sunshine hotel.

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Okaeri Taglyn

Taglyn came back from Romania.
Unfortunary, he didn't bring beautiful ladies :P
Instead, he brought many chocolates which satisfied us.


When he enter the entrance of our hotel, we all asked him like
"How was travel?"
"Where did you go?"
"What did you see?"
"What did you eat?"
"Where did you stay?"
"How was Dracula's castle?"
"Was Romanian ladies are beautiful?"
Soooooo many questions.
He didn't (maybe coudn't?) answer those quesitons but his face said that he really enjoyed his vacation in Romania.

Hey Taglyn, you became famous in this blog. So I think it is time to write about your introducing. Tell us story about you and travel in Romania.
We all are waitiling for that.
Don't be shy ☆

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Working Holiday

Many people going to travel in Autumn. Because it is the best season in all over the world.
Continuing to Kayoko and Aki, Tokki left last week.
Below is what Kayoko wrote before she left.

She is Ms.Tokita. She used to work at Sakura Cafe.

She left Canada for Working Holiday!!
The working Holiday Visa is really great, which allows us to stay one year and also work,study and travel. we can do anything we want to.

I'm very happy that she will get great experiences there though I will just really miss her.....
Tokki,we are looking forward to seeing you next time!!

I got this mini cake made by Tokki, Tim Tam with cream and snack(koara) on the top. Nice ;D
Have you get Canada, safely?
If you see this blog, please let us know how you are doing.

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The cabbage boys

Here are the boys who love cabbages!
Their T-shirts say ``Let's use cabbages`` (Do they mean 'let's eat a lots of cabbages'?)


They made this T-shirts in Japan.
That's somehow funny so I asked why they chose this words.
They said 'Because,we love cabbage!!'

OK then, we respect cabbages and eat lots of them for our health ;)

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