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Matane(see you again) Pauline and David!!


This is the nice part of working here, I can meet a lots of nice people from all over the world.....
They are from Ireland and they stayed for a few days here.

They were planning to go to Mt.Fuji and Hakone but weather was not good unfortunately...
Even so, they enjoyed staying Japan and said like it ;)

It was lovely to meet and nice to talk with you two Pauline and David!
I hope you both visit Japan again ;)
There are still plenty of places to see!!
And I *WILL* visit Ireland, I really want to....!!

I'm looking forward to meeting you both then, and let's go to the Irish Pub
as we promised ;)
I also looking forward to having Guinness there (I think the one we can find in Ireland is the real Guinness) !!

One thing, sorry David, you are blinking on this picture :p

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Yakitori night!

Beautiful Yakitori (skewered grilled chicken) and unbeautiful Yoshikazu :p
ikebukuro 0010.jpg

Yakitori was perfect! so yummy!
Now I know there is a Yakitori restaurant just near our hotel.
We can let you know where it is, if you would like ;)

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Team Asakusa!

I joined the farewell party for one of the staff at Asakusa.
We have to say 'Good bye' sometimes, but we going to say 'Good luck'! instead ;)

Asakusa 003.jpg

This is a picture with team Asakusa ;)
Illuminated 'Sensoji (temple)' was beautiful....!

Asakusa 004.jpg

It's nice to visit Asakusa and they will welcome you!!

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Summer vacation!

Sariko is on vacation now!!


She is in Germany, I'm so jealous....!!
I'm looking forward to hearing stories and seeing photos when she come back ;)
And....I believe she will get some beers for my souvenir....
Hey Sariko, I know you are very very nice person, so...? :p

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MR. Oh No!

Few days ago, he discharged from the hospital!!
We are so happy about that news.
He still need some rehabilitation, but will be back in few month!
We can not wait to see his vigorous.


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Tuk Tuk!

Tuk Tuk!!
If you have been to Thailand, yes, you know that ;)
I have never thought I could see Tuk Tuk in Japan!

june 30 012.jpg
Tuk Tuk is a ciclo mostly for turists in Thailand.
It's really colorful and outstanding.

june 30 019.jpg
Sariko and Naoko are riding on the Tuk Tuk!
Hey Naoko, do you have the driver's licence??

june 30 016.jpg

It would be nice to ride on Tuk Tuk in Japan...
It's cool☆

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I was wondering who was singing the songs and where ??


I found it out they were singing outside ;)
They are all from Darwin, north of Australia.

That was just like a small concert! really nice!!
Thank you mate ;)



And their uniforms were really great!
Can you see Australia and Japan collaborating on their back?

aus 006.jpg

We have took a picture on the day before their leaving...
Now I want to say....Thank you for that concert☆

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Go mountain-climbing =Mt.Fuji=

They have been to Mt.Fuji! Sugoi (great)!!

Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.
It is special and remarkable.
I like this beautiful mountain....and if weather is fine, we can see it from

Also we can climb this mountain in July and August in the summer time.
and many people climbing toward to the top.

I've tried once before with friends of mine.
We started walking from 5th station at 10pm, then just keep walking long long the dark.
Walking toward to the top, it was not difficult for me, it was just a long way.....
Normaly, we can enjoy hiking with scenery, fresh air and trees....but nothing in the middle of the Mt.Fuji.Plants and trees can't live there.

Getting closer to the top, we felt really freezing cold, almost below zero,
but when the sun came up, it just turned hot! because we were above the clouds!

On the way back, we can't hide from the sun, and slippery ground and a lots of sandy dust....that was annoying me so much....

But I'm proud of myself and I still reccomend this to the others, you must try once at least!
We can see 'the sea of clouds', that's so beautiful and can't describe it.
That is a gift from Mt.Fuji only to the ones who succefully reach the top ;)

Then I will advise you to plan to stay one night at the hut if possible, this is much better. Bring banana and chocolate and Onigiri(rice ball) with you for energy, also winter clothes to keep you warm and good shoes for walking.

Um....I'm just really will never happen again to me......I prefer to seeing the Mt.Fuji at the lakeside having some beer :p

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Headed to Hokkaido!

Take care and enjoy your trip to Hokkaido!!


Hokkaido is a big island located in northern Japan.

They have asked me how to get to Hokkaido by boat.
Unfortunately the boat servise from Tokyo to Hokkaido has been already out of service.
I know traveling by boat or train takes long long time but it somehow attractive ;)

Long time ago, I've been to Hokkaido , also to Kyushu (southern part) by local train.
It was a tough trip but I felt really content when I steped on the ground after having a long ride:)

They might have taken a train to Hokkaido and I hope they enjoyed their trip with the scenery from the train window and a 'Ekiben' (tasty lunch box which we can buy at stations or on the trains) ;)

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Be safe...!!

Something was flying busy and....then I recognized........ 'swallow'!
There was its nest and lovely faces were hanging out of there↓
つばめ 013.jpg

They were waiting for the mother bird to feed them!


Can you recognize them?
OK, one more closer photo......!!


They will all fly by themselves very soon, I'm wishing for their safety ;)

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