March 2009 Archive.

The Fighter

Ibrahim from Saudi Alabia stayed with us for about one month. He likes contact sports. So, he experienced Aikido at the gymnasium where my boss takes lesson.

↑He got this certification after the lesson.

He is also good at doing UFO cacher, and he always gave us huge sweets which he got from there. It makes us happy!

Dear Ibrahim
Did you get home safely? Since you left Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro, it has been 2months. Time goes very fast. As I promised you, I put the picture of you in our website. I am happy if you drop some comment.
chao chao!! stuffed animal which you gave me on your last day, is still at our reception. We are looking forward to your next arrival.

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Okaeri means Welcome back in Japanese.
Let me introduce some repeaters of our hotel.

Jablonski-san from Paris, are back in our hotel for the third time.

Kaku-san from Taiwan stay with us more than 10 times. This time she took her son with her☆

What I most happy is they still remember us.
Next person who will be repeater is YOU!!

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The Artist

Joel from France has been staying with us for about a week.
He draws wonderful picture like this ↓↓.


He will have an exhibition at the Gallery HIRO in Roppongi in April.
Let's go to see his work.

Here is a message from Joel.
merci de votre accuiel chalereux joel san

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Lovely message

Someone left lovely message on the board.....
Ah, this is from Erik :)
We hope you two reached home in safety.
And once again, Arigatou for everything, we enjoyed your company ;)

Muchas gracias por todo y hasta pronto☆

素材2 018.jpg

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We have been all excited about final match today!!
Japan team won the championship!!

At Sakura cafe, there is a screen and you can watch it with some other people by the way.
It would be much fun ;)

I went to cafe to see and check how the game goes (during work) :p

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The Runner

素材2 017.jpg

Here is the guest who ran 42.195km in Tokyo Marathon 2009 yesterday.
The runner started the race at Tokyo Metropolitan Government in shinjuku, and finishd at Tokyo Big Sight.
Can you see the medal on their chest?
We are very proud of you!!

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Hasta La Vista Erik and Franciscos

素材2 010.jpg

Erik and Franciscos stayed with us about two weeks.
Yesterday was their last day in Tokyo. So we went to Izakaya which is a Japanese style bar.
素材2 012.jpg

They gave me a shirt as a souvenir↓.

Please come to see us again☆
Hasta la vista.

Erik y franciscos se quedaban con nosotros por dos semanas.
Ayer fue el ultimo dia de ellos en Tokio. Entonces fuimos a Izakaya (el barra con estilo Japons).

nos dieron una camiceta par recuerdo. Gracias
Vengan a vernos pronto nuevamente ☆.

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Award goes to...??

We just started 'Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro Award'!

Last month, one family from France have been stayed in our hotel
and I guess that all of staffs should have been thinking same
'so cute!!'

So we decided to give the prize 'Most cutest guest'!!
Bonjour and cava?
We are all waiting for you to come here again♪

And next award goes to...!!?

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Brandnew Ikebukuro


Echika Ikebukuro will be open on March 26th.
It is shopping street which will have more than 40 shops and restaurants in west exit of Ikebukuro station. Because I love shopping, I am really looking forward to see it☆
If you would like to see Echika Ikebukuro, please go to the underground passage. It is also on the way to our hotel from Ikebukuro station. Please look exit C6 in Echika Ikebukuro. Our hotel is just 3min from there.

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Introduce our staff...vol.3

It's already spring time here, nice and warm in the daytime.
We are all looking forward to seeing Sakura(cherry blossom)bloom.
Unluckly, I am suffering from 'hay fever' (pollen allergy) and it's annoying me so much about time of this year.....
Many many Japanese people have this problem and wearing mask.
It looks weird sometimes...:p

Now, we continue introduceing our staff, today...


She always calm and dependable person.
Moreover, she is....slim! um, I'm jealous.........


*Name: Yumi Kawasaki
*Hometown: Yokohama
*Launguage:Japanese, English
*Countries visited:Thailand, Cambodia,Indonesia,Vietnam,Italy, Netherlands, Belgium,Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, US, Canada, Tahiti
*Travel episode:I reserved a seat on the bus from Copacabana to Lapaz (Bolivia).
But, on the actual day, there were no seats left for me... then the bus driver
let me sit next to him.
I was sandwiched between him and a boy, probably his brother.
First, I thought I was unlucky... but then it started to be fun.
The view of the color shifting, beautiful Titicaca lake through the windshield,
an Indigena sleeping on the floor behind my back, Bolivian music on the radio,
chatting with the driver mixing a few English and Spanish words...
I actually got the VIP seat!
*I love.... Travel, big dogs (other animals as well), eating delicious foods, fruits,
Masala chai, Autumn, playing tennis, Kyoto dialect and Japanese-style baths&hot springs
*Message:I really want you to have a wonderful time in Japan as I did in other countires.
If I can help you, it will be my great pleasure.
Look forward to seeing you at Sakura!

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