Hello there!

I am Cris from Brazil!

Just started working at Sakura Hotel, it is been a great experience and I hope to learn and contribute as much as possible.

Come to Sakura Hotel and enjoy our good environment!


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It has held a special cool exhibition at MORI Building Digital Art Museum in Odaiba.

I went there to see how cool it is!


It is a number of degital arts created with so many different style and color.

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Normally, Rainny season finish end of July in Japan.

However, It's already finished end of June this year.

It's sooo weird.

Anyway we just fun this summer.

Ice candy and Ice cream are very famous in summer.

Especially shaved ice is famous in Japan.


Please enjoy Japanese summer and shaved ice when you come to Japan!!!

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Have you heard "Nagoya style Morning"??
At a Nagoya coffee shop in the morning, just order a drink and enjoy free extras like thick toast, boiled egg, salad etc...

If you would like try in Tokyo, you should go to "Komeda Cofee"

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magandang araw po madlang people!hehe

summer na summer na tlga dito sa japan....

at alam ko dyan rin sa pinas.

my filipina cousin just send me a picture of jollibee's Halohalo!!!!!!!!!!


i really miss eating jollibee's specialties.

until then bye^^

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Maybe... most of people traveling Tokyo have visited Meiji Shrine in Sibuya-ku.

Meiji Shrine is the best place to visit because there is nature and quite.

So it makes you relaxed!!!!

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Hi there!!!!!!my name is Erika!!!!!

im half japanese and half pinoy, nice to meet you all^^

im a trainee in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro at the moment.

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hi guys

It's Rino your favorite blogger or whateva

I'm writing about "My favorites in Tokyo" this time.

1.Shin-okubo area


↑Cheese dak galbi (You should try it if you are a cheese lover)

If you are from Korea or just miss Korean food, don't worry.

Shin-okubo is kind of Korean town where manyyyyy Korean people live and Korean restaurants located.

There are also many Korean beauty shops and idol goods shops!

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Hello! This is from Ikebukuro, Sumire!

On 5th July, there was an Event held "Kawagoe Tour Guided by Kawagoe Goodwill Ambassador".

Kawagoe is a city located in Saitama prefecture which is neighborhood of Tokyo.


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