Hello Everyone my name is Bambie from Thailand, Bangkok ^^
I'm a new trainee in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro !

Last 2 days I went to Tokyo Disney Sea with my Thai Friend togeter !! I was nice!!


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I will go home for a vacation on next Sunday.
My hometown is in Hokkaido...a bit far from Tokyo.

What do you bring up the image of Hokkaido?
Snow? Rural landscape? Seafoods? Ramen?
I can't enjoy snow in this time, but do enjoy all of the rest.

I'll buy many souvenirs for my Sakura Ikebukuro fellows...and also for myself!

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Hi, it's SUMIRE!!!

Today I would like to share with you about Japanese Traditional things to do.

Have you heard DARUMA before?

Daruma is an ornament imitated Daruma Taishi that MONKS who taught Chinese Buddhism to Indian doing Zen meditation.


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Do you want to get to the end of Enoshima Island quickly?

If you walk, it takes 40 minutes, but if you go by boat, you arrive in 10 minutes.

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Design Festa 49th is going to be held at Tokyo Big Sight
from the day after tomorrow for two days, May 18th (Sat.)and 19th(Sun.).
Design Festa is an international art event and a celebration of the arts at which anyone
regardless of age,nationality, talents or language can exhibit.

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The spiritual teacher Osho:

Osho was born into a Jain family (1931-1990)

He though never believed in any one

religion but combined elements of many religions such as

Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity.



Never BornNever Died?Only Visited ThisPlanet Earth Between

(Dec 11 1931- Jan 19 1990.)

Osho has authored more than 700 volumes of English and Hindi books.

which were recorded from his extemporaneous lectures given to his disciples and media.

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Hi there!
I've been to Odaiba during my break last time★
And then I found super duper funny vending machine!!!!!!!

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Parece que ya llega el buen tiempo así que todavía puedo dar más paseos para ir descubriendo nuevas calles, barrios y lugares.

Continuemos con las últimas fotos de estos días;


Entrañable escaparate de un viejo restaurante de barrio de esos que me gustan mucho.

En esta ocasión los modelos de cera de los platos del menú no están en muy buen estado de color pero aun así te puedes hacer una idea de lo que vas a pedir y del tamaño de la ración.

Por otro lado, es bastante común encontrar pequeños comercios y restaurantes que decoran sus escaparates con pequeños juguetes o con lo que se dedica a coleccionar el dueño. ¿A que resulta muy curioso?


Zona Oeste de Tokio vista desde Shinjuku con un bonito cielo despejado y azul. Muy al fondo el monte Fuji.

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