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Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro Local Attractions.

Ikebukuro - Hot Spot in Tokyo!!

Ikebukuro Station

With easy access to Tokyo and the rest of Japan, Ikebukuro station is the second busiest station in world. As you might expect, the city is equally lively! Packed with interesting places to eat, drink and shop, Ikebukuro has something to suit everyone, whether you are in Tokyo for business or as a tourist.

Ikebukuro Electric Town – fast-growing and hotter than “Akihabara”

Ikebukuro Electric Town

One of the most popular Japanese products is its electrical appliances. Although Akihabara is well known as a big electric town in Tokyo, Ikebukuro is now becoming the bigger electric town. In Ikebukuro, "Yamada Denki" has opened the largest electrical appliance store in October, 2009 with more than 1,500,000 items. There are also various big electrical appliance shops, like "Bic Camera," "Yodobashi Camera," and etc. for you to visit and shop!

Bic Camera

Ikebukuro Big Camera

An astonishing range of items at low-low prices! It is a 5-story building right next to Ikebukuro Station, stocking a wide range of the latest appliances from Sony, Panasonic and many others. All kinds of credit cards are welcomed. If you pay using a Unionpay Card, it is additional 5% off from the original rate.

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For shopping lovers


Ikebukuro Station's Echika

Tokyo Metro's Echika underground mall is recently opened in March 2009 inside Ikebukuro station. There are 40 shops, including many specialized delis in this mall. Check out Tokyo's newest gourmet!


Ikebukuro Esola

New Ikebukuro shopping Building Esola opened in November, 2009. There are 40 individual & high-fashioned shops on 10 floors. I recommend you to browse and shop around in this building for Tokyo's trend.



"Lumine" has opened a new branch in Ikebukuro. "Lumine" is one of the favourite shopping malls adjacent to JR stations in Tokyo which is very popular among young generation. There are many fashionable clothing and accessory shops, including the trendiest items in Tokyo. Just 5 minutes from our hotel!

Animate (Ikebukuro flagship store)

Animate Ikebukuro Flag Store

If you are looking for Japanese anime merchandise, come and check out "Animate"! Animate Ikebukuro is the flagship store of the 90 Animate stores across Japan, specialized in anime, comics, and games. Enjoy Japan's largest anime stores!

All-100 yen Store

All-100 yen store in Ikebukuro

There are many All-100 yen stores in Ikebukuro. "Daiso" is one of famous 100 yen stores, located in "Sunshine City (on the first basement level)". Don't miss fine quality goods at amazingly reasonable prices! Also, Great for souvenirs!

Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands in Ikebukuro

"Tokyu Hands" is a department store which focuses on hobby, home improvement, and daily necessities. There are numerous products; toys, games, gift cards, gift wrappings, costumes, bicycles, travel products, hobby materials, tools, do-it-yourself kits, Japanese calligraphy, painting and drawing supplies, furniture, lighting, home appliances, and storage products. You can find many goods that are available only here in Japan. At Cats' House, "Nekobukuro" on the 8th floor, about 20 cats walking freely in this area (admission fee required). This store is also good for finding Japanese products for souvenirs!

Japan Traditional Craft Center

Sensu : Japanese traditional Craft

In 1979, Japan Traditional Craft Center opened an exhibition hall to display the objects that represent the Japanese traditional crafts, designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. Various projects are carried out to deepen everybody's understanding of the traditional craft products.

Owan : Japanese Traditional Craft

Regular Exhibition: about 130 crafts officially designated as "traditional craft products" are always on display. The items from various regions are displayed continuously.

Special Exhibitions: Exhibitions of various categories are displayed for 2 weeks. You may be able to see craftsmen's demonstration in the exhibition.

Sunshine 60

Ikebukuro Sunshine 60

Located on the 60th floor, the Sunshine 60 "Sky Deck" is Tokyo's highest observatory inside a building. From there you could enjoy a complete panorama of Tokyo or even Mount Fuji if the weather is fine. Besides, there are viewing spaces on each side of the observatory which give you a down right view of the streets, just like an action thriller movie. In addition, the "Shining Elevator (Elevator speed 600m/min)" that connects the 1st and 60th floor is a ride of fantasy which is surely a memorable one.

Edogawa Rampo's house

Japanese famous Mystery Autor's House in Ikebukuoro

(A Japanese famous Mystery author's house) Tarō Hirai, better known by the pseudonym Edogawa Rampo was a Japanese author and critic who played a major role in the development of Japanese mystery fiction. Many of his novels involve the detective hero Kogorō Akechi, who in later books was the leader of a group of boy detectives known as the "Adolescent Detective Gang". Rampo was an admirer of western mystery writers, and especially of Edgar Allan Poe. His pen name is a playful rendering of Poe's name. His house is next to Rikkyo University in Ikebukuro. We can see the inside on every Friday.

From Ikebukuro it is very easy to get to many interesting places across Tokyo. Below you will find information about some of these places:

Major Tourist Attractions

Kawagoe City

Kawagoe City

Located roughly 30 minutes north-west of Tokyo on the Tobu Tojo line, Kawagoe city is a trip into Japan's past. A must for those wishing to explore traditional Japan, this historic place was once a bustling castle town but still retains its charm through the surviving streets and wooden buildings. Part of this traditional atmosphere is kept alive by the famous "Bell of Time" that hangs in the town's clock tower. This huge bell rings four times daily, as it has done for 350 years!

Kawagoe is also home to a popular sweetshop street where you can indulge in a selection of traditionally made Japanese sweets and even sample a local beer brewed from sweet potatoes!

Ikebukuro stn. Tobu Tojo Line
(31 min.)
Kawagoe stn.

>> More Information About Kawagoe

Tokyo Disney Resort

The twin theme parks: Disneyland and the more recent DisneySea make up Tokyo Disney resort, located roughly one hour from Ikebukuro station. The first Disney resort to be opened outside of the United States, Tokyo Disneyland is popular nationwide due to its fun seasonal shows and attractions. Tokyo DisneySea (opened in 2001) is an independant water themed variation of the main park with an extensive recreation of Venetian canals that leads into the different "ports of call". These themed areas house the park's rides and attractions. Popular attractions include Journey to the Center of the Earth ride and the "Tower of terror".

Ikebukuro stn. Subway
Yurakucho line

(31 min.)
Shinkiba stn. JR Keiyo line
(6 min.)
Maihama stn.

Shibuya, Omotesando & Harajuku

Harajuku Picture

From Shibuya's 109 building to Omotesando Hills to Harajuku's Takeshita doori, this extensive area is without doubt the centre for Tokyo's fashion and pop-culture. Home to the famous road crossing seen in movies such as Lost in Translation, Shibuya is the perfect place to shop and a popular place to meet before a night on the town.

The glitzy Aoyama and Omotesando districts are packed with brand-name goods and high-class restaurants and the Oriental Bazaar is a great spot for souvenirs to remind you of your time in Tokyo.

If you are looking for something a bit more alternative however, Harajuku is unbeatable. Popular with Tokyo's fashion-conscious youth and home to Sakura Group's Design festa gallery, Harajuku is a melting pot of pop-culture. On Sundays you can take a break from shopping to see amateur bands and dancers in nearby Yoyogi park.

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Ikebukuro stn. JR Yamanote Line
(13 min.)
Harajuku stn.


image of Akihabara

Famous for its high number of low-price electronics and computer stores, Akihabara is also home to a huge number of shops specializing in manga, anime and figurines so whether you are looking for the latest high-tech PCs and mobile phones or memorabilia from your favourite anime, you will most likely find it here.

If Shibuya is the centre for fashion, then Akihabara is the centre for electronics and Otaku culture. Several shops in Akihabara also feature special reduced prices for foreign tourists.

Ikebukuro stn. JR Yamanote Line
(19 min.)
Akihabara stn.


Image of Shinjuku

Home to the busiest station in the world, Shinjuku is one of Tokyo’s must-visit night spots. Dinner, bars or karaoke, whatever you are after, you will be truly spoilt for choice in Shinjuku. By day however, Shinjuku is a great place for a spot of shopping with its fair share of brand-name goods and electronics stores.

The Takashimaya times-square department store is a great place to buy presents and the top floor of the Kinokuniya book store sells foreign language books should you need to stock up before your journey home.

If you have the time, a trip to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building is also highly recommended as the panoramic views of the city are nothing short of spectacular. You can even see Mount Fuji on a clear day!

Ikebukuro stn. JR Yamanote Line
(9 min.)
Shinjuku stn.


Image of Ameya Yokocho

"Ameyoko" is a very busy market street located under the Yamanote Line tracks between Okachimachi and Ueno stations. This market street used to be one of the most well-known black markets in Tokyo after World War Two.

"Ameyoko" means "Ameya Yokocho" (candy store alley), as candies were traditionally sold there. Besides, "Ame" can also relate to "America" because a lot of American goods were very popular on the black market.

Nowadays, various products such as clothes, bags, cosmetics, fresh fish, dried foods and spices are available there. Especially towards the end of a year, people will flood to Ameyoko to buy festive foods and products to celebrate the New Year.

"Ameyoko" is a really fun and interesting spot to check out. Opening hours and closing days depend on different stores, but they usually open at around 10:00 and close at around 19:00. Moreover, since many stores will be closed on Wednesdays, so it may be a good idea to go there on the rest of the week.

Ikebukuro stn. JR Yamanote Line
(16 min.)
Ueno stn.

Tokyo Dome City

Picture of Tokyo Dome

Built around the Tokyo Dome (the world's largest covered baseball stadium), Tokyo Dome City is a popular entertainment district. In this area you can find many souvenir shops and restaurants and nearby is a large spa and shopping mall complex, LaQua. LaQua also features ride attractions such as the Big-O centre-less ferris wheel and "Thunder dolphin" rollercoaster. Tokyo dome itself is home to baseball games and from time to time is also used as a concert and exhibition venue.

Ikebukuro stn. Subway Marunouchi Line
(7 min.)
Korakuen stn.

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